Jesse Taylor vs CB Dollaway

July 20, 2008 by  
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Jesse Taylor vs CB Dollaway I had been awaiting to see Jesse Taylor take his shot at the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 title, when he royally f*cked up the opportunity of a lifetime.  This is his fight to get back into the UFC after promising Dana White he is ready. CB Dollaway is coming off a disappointing loss on the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 Finale after losing his fight.  After a series of close uppercuts and knee, Dollaway had the first takedown of JT Money.  Dollaway threw an illegal knee when Jesse was down.  This stopped the first round temporarily.  Jesse was a little uneasy after the knee, but continued.  Dollaway got his back shortly after the groggy Taylor continued.  But Jesse knows how to get out of possible submissions. Taylor got on top and does what he does best, a little ground and pound.  But CB quickly turned the tables again and closes the deal with a Peruvian Necktie to closeout the battle in the first round and win the fight! CB demoed this by submitting his coach Rampage during the season 5 series and pulls it out here to gain a victory and show all of us he might just belong in the octagon.