It may sound crazy at first, but understanding the benefits caffeine can bring to your MMA workout continues to be a topic of discussion for physicians and personal trainers everywhere. Being an all natural energy supplement caffeine offers a safe (and legal) alternative to gaining a minor boost. Not as harmful as one might think, the most popular drug in the world can get you what you need to push a few more reps or to come out strong.

With everything it is very important to know what something you intake does to your body. For people that use caffeine as a regular part of your routine, you have to know when to “juice” and when to hold back. Caffeine, like any other digestible substance can have its effects lessened by continual use, so understanding when to hold back to build back that “first high” is another attribute to consider.

Caffeine should be used in moderation and each person reacts differently to different quantities so always be conscious of any feelings out of the norm. Ingesting normal quantities of caffeine found in a cup or two of coffee, 30 minutes before a workout, is typical to give about an hour of increased heart rate and therefore allowing for a near immediate effect as you begin working out. It is still important to stretch et cetera, but using the coffee to help accelerate heart rate and response creates stronger blood flow to the desiring muscles right from the start.

Of course everyone varies, but gradually working it into your routine and getting used to how it effects you as well as how long it takes to notice the effects could then be something to use for your benefit. There is certainly enough to read on the subject as we have seen numerous reports on this topic within the pages of Fight magazine, Men’s Health, and medical journals. There you can find more specifics on quantities you might find in varying beverages or foods.

Most commonly obtained by drinking an energy drink, coffee, or tea, try to be consistent when using it in conjunction with a workout. Know the levels of caffeine prior to working out by consistently using the same beverage to get the fix.

Consider teas as a way to get the caffeine while also obtaining antioxidants that will help the body in other ways. Research the different types of teas as they have varying benefits and levels of caffeine. Go the extra mile by brewing the tea yourself to ensure filtered water and consistent amounts of tea are being used. It is also an inexpensive alternative to the growing cost of energy drinks and without the thrown in sugars.

Be safe and workout strong!


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