Conor McGregor: the master of mind games and king of verbal chaos may have pulled off his most elaborate trick to date

That is according to a man closer than most to McGregor’s upcoming opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Leonard Ellerbe, the Mayweather Promotions CEO, recently spoke about his reaction to a video which was released by McGregor which was unflattering in reference to his boxing skills, to say the least:

Various media outlets reacted in dismissal, with USA Today, in particular, claiming that McGregor had absolutely “no chance.”

Ellerbe, on the other hand, felt that the video was merely a “ploy” by the Irishman in order to play games with Mayweather:

“Conor McGregor is a smart dude,” Ellerbe commented. “He’s a smart dude. Do y’all actually believe that footage he put out there is real? I’m just being honest. Do you honestly believe that he put that footage out there and it’s real looking the way it looked? C’mon now!

“Guess what? He tricked all y’all. Every last one of you. That he looked slow on the bag, he’s doing this and doing that. Y’all can fall for it. We’re not.”

As for McGregor’s skill-set, Ellerbe believes that “The Notorious” will carry ample skilll and danger into the ring to justify his match up with Mayweather, a boxer widely considered to be one of, if not the, greatest exponent of the “Sweet Science” in history:

“I see a guy who’s got tremendous timing,” Ellerbe said. “Tremendous timing. How he’s coming over the top of guys’ jabs and when he touches them and turns it over, and then he’s doing damage. I mean, real damage. If he ain’t knocking him out, they’re falling down. And then they be messed up.”

While the media and fans may have scoffed at the training footage released by McGregor, it is clear by the Mayweather Promotions CEO that camp “Money” are refusing to buy confidence from McGregor’s perceived boxing shortfalls outlined in the footage:

“Nobody is falling for that,” he said. “One thing I do know, the guy can punch and he’s got great timing.


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