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Affliction Clothing Affliction Clothing embodies the heart and soul of those into a Loud Attitude and Even Louder Lifestyle. The inspiration for Affliction’s Clothing designs come from Music, Art and Culture with a dose of Counter Culture, Tattoo and Gothic influences thrown in for good measure. The designs convey an in your face style for those that believe in standing apart from the crowd rather than striving to fit in.
American Fighter American-Fighter is here to bring you what you deserve, and that’s the opportunity to tell the world who YOU are… an American Fighter! We all have something we’re fighting for, whether it’s getting through school, overcoming an illness or just trying to make it in life. Just remember… you ARE a true American Fighter! Period.
Archaic Archaic, despite the name, is a Los Angeles based denim collection resonating prominently in today’s hard-hitting fashion culture. With stylistic influences rooted in the old, the brands vision is fast-forward. Premium style, fit, and function is evident in the richness of detail and design execution prominently displayed on each of the collections uniquely crafted garments. Leading the brand is an extensive line of premium denim and sportswear embellished with a distinctive dark edge that makes a statement that is anything but prehistoric. Archaic makes its own unique imprint on the fashion world by blending mythical symbolism with modern sensibilities. The combination couldn’t be more relevant making Archaic a lifestyle brand that is notably raw yet refined.
Atama The Atama Japanese kanji translates to “The Leader, the Head, the Top”, a very appropriate moniker for the world’s leading manufacturer of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gis. Endorsed by the Gracie family and top grapplers everywhere, Atama products have gained a reputation for both their high quality and their long lasting durability.
Athletic Body Care
Athletic Body Care and Manumission are companies who understands that you cannot count on your gym or other fighters to maintain proper hygiene simply isn’t worth the risk and these products give athletes the defense they need against disease causing bacteria and fungus, without the irritation caused by alcohol-based products. Injuries will come and go, but don’t let an infection take you out of the game!
Bad Boy MMA Bad Boy has been involved in the sport since the early nineties and is one of the original supporters of mixed martial arts and Jiu Jitsu tournaments. Having sponsored some of the world’s top athletes, the Bad Boy “eyes” have been seen everywhere from shirts, to fight shorts – even tattoos.
Brass Knuckles Therapy Brass Knuckles Therapy is an Action Sports clothing line. They are involved in MMA, Snowboarding, BMX, FMX and Motocross. We have a great collection of athletes that we sponsor and an amazing following of fans and supporters all over the world. Big things to come in 2010 from Brass Knuckles Therapy and were happy you will be along for the ride.
Bruce Lee Clothing Introducing the new line of Bruce Lee Clothing. Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is the name Bruce Lee gave to his combat system and philosophy in 1967. JKD as it survives today – if one wants to view it “refined” as a product, not a process – is what was left at the time of Bruce Lee’s death. It is the result of the life-long martial arts development process Lee went through. Bruce Lee stated that his concept is not an “adding to” of more and more things on top of each other to form a system, but rather, a winnowing out.
Cage Fighter The Cage Fighter mission is to create authentic, high quality products for the top mixed martial artists in the world and they have done so by partnering with some of the sport’s top ranked athletes. Their management brings experience developing and selling licensed product for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, NASCAR, NHL and more and they source top materials for use in their products.
Clinch Gear Clinch Gear is a mixed martial arts apparel and equipment brand owned by UFC fighter Dan Henderson. You can see Dan Henderson as the coach for Team USA on season 9 of the Ultimate Fighter. Clinch Gear features authentic training camp and walkout tees from each of Henderson’s UFC bouts along with a wide selection of tees, hoodies, rash guards, hats and beanies, as well as the MMA industry’s only TRULY custom MMA fight shorts for gyms, teams and schools, hand-sewn and sublimated for each order.
Combat Sports Combat Sports International is one of the most respected names among MMA gear companies in North America. They offer top quality products, are always among the leading innovators in gear development, and have even been featured on Spike TV’s “The Ultimate Fighter”. Many fighters stand behind Combat Sports International gear and it’s easy to see why they are one the most sought after brands in Combat Sports.
Death Clutch Death Clutch is the official gear of UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. Certainly not for the timid, Death Clutch shirts, shorts, headwear, and accessories feature hardcore skull art. ‘Nuff said.
Dethrone Royalty The Dethrone Royalty brand was formed in 2009, but based on the traditions of ancient kings. Each of us is born and raised with the potential to rule our environments. The Royal Family includes top MMA athletes, world champion boxers and everyday kings. One family, following two rules: defeat thy rivals and demand their respect.
Driven Inc We at Driven Inc are dedicated to giving you the clothes, gear and accessories to fuel your driven lifestyle. This life is but a season and when it is over all we have is our legacy, what we have left behind for the greater good of others. It is not what we have but what we do with what we have to inspire, uplift and serve those around us. It is these core values that drive our company. We know that you are driven in your pursuit of your career, sport and passions. Whether it is driving, surfing, saving lives, serving our country, keeping the streets safe or working with those in need, we have the gear for you. Welcome to the Driven Nation!
Ecko MMA Ecko is a full-scale global fashion and lifestyle company with global sales of approximately $1 billion in 2004. Now, through the *ecko unltd. brand, the company is creating products for mixed martial arts fans and fighters alike.
Everlast MMA Everlast, the preeminent brand in boxing since 1910, is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, licensing and marketing of authentic boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness related sporting goods equipment, apparel, footwear, and accessories. From heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey and middleweight legend Sugar Ray Robinson to the undisputed middleweight champion Jermain Taylor and UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, Everlast is the brand of choice for generations of world champion professional athletes.
Fightergirls Fightergirls is everything from the look, to the fit, to the fabrics themselves have been designed and handpicked by women for women. Professional mixed martial artist, Debi Purcell, has been a pioneer for women in the sport. She has worked to not only educate others about the sport itself, but also to show that females have a place in the sport and are helping it evolve in their own right. With her passion for style equally as strong as her passion for fighting, she decided it was time for a female line of fight gear.
Fight Chix Fight Chix Apparel is the SEXY side of Mixed Martial Arts. The company was born as a voice for the female fighters and fans of MMA. Fight Chix loves the fighters and have been fans from the start – they understand the ground game and they LIKE it. They train in the sport and sweat and bleed with the fighters as they get ready for their wars. They appreciate the old school NHB pioneers, but even after all that they wanted their own look.
Fuji Gis Fuji uniforms and other equipment have been worn by thousands of players for the past 50 years! The brand’s popularity has never been higher with new revolutionary fabrics and fits for the exploding sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Fuji offers a variety of styles at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Go with Fuji! Thousands of others have!
Hayabusa MMA Hayabusa Inc., rooted in Japanese tradition, excels in their strict commitment to perfection. Because of this unyielding motivation to produce only the very best MMA equipment and apparel, Hayabusa has earned the reputation among the MMA community as an industry leader trusted by the top fighters in the game. Every piece of equipment and apparel is created for one sole purpose – to maximize a fighters’ performance.
Hostility Clothing Hostility Clothing is a Southern California clothing brand featuring hand drawn art ranging from urban to the macabre. Their involvement in extreme sports started with motocross and BMX and has now progressed to include mixed martial arts. Hostility styles have been spotted on everyone from Frank Mir to Chuck Liddell, Michael Bisping, and Chris Leben.
INSPIRIT INSPIRIT offers affordable, high performance MMA fight gear for men and women including board shorts and rash guards, as well as eye-catching casual wear. Check it out!
Jaco Jaco is founded upon 4 elements: Respect, Strength, Courage, and Tenacity, elements represented by the MMA athletes that wear it. Respect for one’s self, others, and the environment. Strength that is measured by mental fortitude; the fortitude that creates capabilities and produces accomplishments. Courage to do what others only dream of doing. Tenacity that is balanced with the ability to view failure as a valuable part of the journey.
JAKKS Pacific UFC JAKKS Pacific, Inc. is widely recognized as the world leader in fighting action figure toys. The company has an exclusive, worldwide license agreement with the Ultimate Fighting Championship(R) to produce collector-focused action figures and toys. The license also includes the famed UFC Octagon(TM), and role-play items based on the UFC brand and its classic and current roster of star fighters.
Jesus Didn't Tap Jesus Didn’t Tap was one of the first Christian based MMA clothing companies to hit the scene. In the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, to “tap” is to quit or give up. The message of the Jesus Didn’t Tap line is that Jesus didn’t quit after going through unimaginable suffering and pain when he was crucified on the cross. The company aims to represent both the competitiveness of MMA and honoring God in all of their designs and hopes it will help spread the Christian message of salvation to a whole new audience.
Kill It Clothing KiLL iT: (1) To perform at the highest level.
(2) An expression used in all extreme sports, meaning to finish something off or perform something exceptionally well.
(3) To give a 110% effort in the task or challenge at hand. it can apply to all areas of life.
Kimurawear Kimurawear was founded in Toronto, Canada in early 2007, influenced by the drive, devotion and passion of our modern day gladiators, who take all extreme sports to the next level. Kimurawear prides itself in providing high-quality apparel. Our technology team works countless hours with professional athletes, refining our apparel to set new standards on the market. Our design team works hand in hand with one of the world’s top illustrator artists. Together they understand the desire of our fashion conscious customers that are influenced by the lifestyle and spirit for these modern day gladiators. Providing more then a sense of fashion to our customers, they are providing an individual message, for strength and character. Making Extreme a Lifestyle.
Manto MMA MANTO has been a synonym of quality and the brand is now one of the leading MMA apparel brands in the world since 2004. Known for their urban inspired designs, hi-tech materials and top quality training gear, MANTO rashguards and shorts are the product of choice for some of todays top fighters and for legendary gyms and academies across the globe such as Gracie Barra, Alliance, Renzo Gracie and Yuki Nakai’s Paraestra.
Mar Clothing CEO/Owner of Mar Clothing, Josh Koscheck turned a childhood dream of starting his own clothing line, into reality. Starting Mar Clothing, while balancing out a highly decorated career in the UFC is just a taste of what Koscheck has to offer to the world. He is a true visionary and is determined to build his clothing line into a worldwide expansion. Mar Clothing is an urban clothing label, which represents what California coastal lifestyle is all about. The word Mar has various definitions in many different languages, but in English it means; to inflict damage, especially disfiguring damage, on. Where do you want to leave your Mar?
Metal Mulisha MMA Metal Mulisha started as a freestyle motocross team founded by riders Brian Deegan and Larry Linkogle and has gone on to become one of the largest, most successful in the world. From the team came a global clothing brand recognized by the skull with a German military helmet. Now expanding beyond motocross into all action sports, Metal Mulisha welcomes mixed martial arts fans and fighters into the family.
No Fear MMA No Fear is one of the most recognized names in the action sports industry, with over fifteen years behind them. Though they have always taken their involvement in the action sports industry seriously, drastic changes in business operations are allowing them to rebel against the profit-hungry trends of their competitors more than ever. Now, No Fear has its sights set on mixed martial arts.
OMR By One More Round OMR Clothing by One More Round represents a lifestyle influenced by the fighting spirit of human accomplishment. The company prides itself in delivering high-quality lifestyle apparel to a most discriminating fashion conscious customer. Each garment is essentially an art piece – painstakingly drawn by some of the top illustrators in the world. Combining this original art with unique treatments and fabrications allows a OMR piece to stand out in the crowd.
Pain Pain. It touches all of our lives in one way or another – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Some say that they feel most alive after they have experienced pain. It tests our strengths and brings out our weaknesses. It is our blood, sweat and tears… If you’re tired of feeling ordinary, see for yourself how good a little Pain feels. Pain Inc. was founded in 2001 in San Jose, California, by a group of MMA enthusiasts and (former) fighters, whose goal is to bring their passion and support for the sport through high quality clothing and products, with a name that says it all.
Punishment Athletics Punishment Athletics is a fast growing, independent clothing company established in 1999 by former UFC light heavyweight champion and pop culture icon, Tito Ortiz. The line was also heavily featured on the hit NBC show, Celebrity Apprentice. The company features an array of athletic wear, casual apparel and accesories for both men and women. Punishment Athletics is dedicated to providing excellence in design and quality at a value that consumers appreciate.
Ranger Up Ranger Up is a company that firmly believes there is no sport that more quintessentially prepares a warrior for combat than MMA. It combines the andrenaline, fear, and aggression of combat in a risk-free environment, while teaching our troops the techniques that can and has saved their lives in close quarters combat. That’s why the guys at Ranger Up support our brethren in the ring, and their Combatives line is based entirely on the ethos and accomplishments of real warriors throughout history.
Revgear Revgear Sports continues to be the leading innovator of martial arts equipment as well as shirts and fight shorts for men, women, and children. Revgear strives continually to bring you equipment that meets your training needs because our equipment is designed and tested by people like you who train hard. Cutting edge technology and innovation behind our products is devoted specifically to combat various challenges associated with martial arts, boxing and fitness training. As martial arts styles transform and evolve-so does Revgear. Training with Revgear products will never be more powerful or effective!
Round5 Round5 has come out with the first, officially licensed MMA action figures representing today’s MMA superstars. With caricature styling and incredible attention to detail, these figures are just what MMA fans have been waiting for! The mold for each 6″ tall figure was carefully crafted by famed Todd McFarlane artist David Cortes who has sculpted such characters as Hellboy, Spawn and the Incredible Hulk.
Shock Doctor Shock Doctor has grown from being the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology, to being the leading innovator in sports protection around the globe. Shock Doctor’s belief in combining design and technology to achieve better protection and performance is now trusted by fearless athletes in a growing number of products and sports.
Silver Star MMA Silver Star Casting Company, which started as a small Orange County boutique, has quickly become a major player in the global fashion and accessories industry. Founded in 1993 by Luke Burrett, today Silver Star is widely recognized as one of the sportswear market’s most fashion forward and distinctive brands. The creative team behind Silver Star are constantly taking the pulse of the streets to keep their products squarely on the cutting-edge. As a result, Silver Star is a favorite among trend setting celebrities who recognize its innovative style and originality.
Sinister Clothing Sinister Clothing is more than a clothing company. At Sinister Brand, we LIVE it LIVE. We are involved in and dedicated to MMA. We are born and raised on the streets of Southern California and have created our own West Coast Vibe. Sinister Brand’s philosophy for all things: ‘IDENTIFY / CONTROL / CONQUER’. We challenge the Authority of Physics and Fate. Our lifestyle is serious and carries heavy consequences. We test our boundaries daily. We are SINISTER BRAND.
Skin Industries Skin Industries promotes a lifestyle: fast, competitive, fun, and ready for action. Incorporating new elements of color, distressed prints, Skins men’s and women’s shirts and tanktops are stellar and creating a buzz. Skin has dove headfirst into the ring, sponsoring MMA fighters, and supporting MMA events. Skin will be standing by its styles that are tried and true, but the new twists are what make it fresh and unexpected.
SPRAWL SPRAWL® has been nothing short of revolutionary in the grappling and MMA world. Back in 2002 when athletes had only options of either low cut board shorts or Lycra spandex shorts, SPRAWL® introduced the First Loose Fit Short Designed for Grappling™ and fight shorts have never been the same ever since. Features such as a unique Cross-Side Waistband, a velcro closure, and internal drawstring made the shorts very popular with MMA fighters. Since then, SPRAWL shorts have gone through several generations of improvements.
Tapout TapouT is the world’s leading mixed-martial arts apparel, gear and lifestyle brand on the market today. TapouT started as a vision by Co-Founder Charles “Mask” Lewis Jr., and has since become a pioneer of the MMA movement and a $100 million empire. Representing some of the biggest MMA superstars including Chuck Liddell, Frank Shamrock, Thiago Alves and Anthony Johnson, their distinctive, authentic logo graces everything from clothing, accessories, and gear, to nutrition products and a magazine. TapouT is also the exclusive apparel sponsor for Spike TV’s “The Ultimate Fighter” through 2011.
Tapout Sports Nutrition TapouT Sports Nutrition, offering fans, fighters and every athlete premium sports nutrition products that will let them train harder and reach their goals. TapouT, the premier mixed martial arts apparel, gear and lifestyle brand has partnered with Champion Nutrition, a 25+ year old designer and manufacturer of performance-based supplements. The products are competitively priced and engineered with research-tested ingredients, including high absorbable forms of protein, creatine, hydration drink formulas and more.
Throwdown Clothing Throwdown Clothing started as a mixed martial arts and action sports brand, and has since transcended into an attitude and a lifestyle. Throwdown believes in always accepting a challenge, refusing to play it safe, taking chances, never backing down and putting it all on the line for what you believe in. This mentality applies to not only mixed martial arts athletes, but to everyone in their everyday work and personal lives. It’s about following your dream no matter what anyone says – you’ll Throwdown when you need to make it happen.
Topps UFC Top UFC Trading Cards from Topps, Inc. was founded in 1938 and is widely regarded as the most influential company in trading cards. Each 24-pack box is highlighted with Autograph cards, Memorabilia Relic cards, Parallels and inserts! Watch for rare Dual Autographs and Autographed Relic cards. The base set is comprised of 150 cards and includes newer UFC fighters (like Dan Hardy and Jon Jones) and “The Ultimate Fighter 9 and 10” competitors (such as Kimbo Slice) not featured in the original “Topps UFC Round 1” set.
Tokyo Five Tokyo Five is a Denim and Sportswear Lifestyle Brand inspired by Classic American work wear and the samurai fighting spirit. The Tokyo Five principles are based on the bushido philosophy: Bravery, Honor, Loyalty, Respect, and Wisdom.
Tri%2DCoasta Tri Coasta MMA has developed from a vision, into a leading, fashion forward lifestyle brand grounded in the philosophies of MMA. Serving fighters and their loyal fans is the essence of the brand along with integrity in design, innovation and originality.
Triumph United Triumph United is a full service marketing agency specializing in brand and athlete development through the integrated use of advertising, public relations, graphic design, and electronic communications. Triumph United is a movement and a syndicate devoted to MMA and dedicated to the fight. Far from the norm, Triumph United is a crew that will reign superior in any situation. Rally with the legion and prepare for victory!
UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship Gear (UFC) is a U.S.-based mixed martial arts (MMA) organization, currently recognized as the largest MMA promotion in the world. The UFC is owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The UFC focuses on the heavier weight classes in MMA, to where as its sister promotion, the WEC, focuses on the lighter weights.
Vandal Eyewear Vandal Sunglasses epitomizes the extreme sports industry. With its roots spread throughout the diversity of action sports, the main focus has always been mixed martial arts and they support any individual/athlete who inspires others to live their dreams and not be afraid of the hard work and the long road to success.
Venum Venum Fight Shorts Company was started in 2006 by Brazilian BJJ competitors, but has been relatively unknown in the U.S. Word has finally started to spread within the grappling community about the brand and its quality. Many who have tried the shorts say that they are some of the best they have ever worn, but up until now they have been hard to come by.
Warhead Warhead specializes in premium, MMA-inspired headwear. Developed in collaboration with elite Mixed Martial Artists from around the world, our products are a tribute to the true spirit of combat. Symbolic of the blood, sweat and tears spilled on the road to victory. With every epic battle, comes an even greater war story.
Warrior International Warrior Clothing represents only the elite, most professional MMA fighters in the world. Their clothing line is always on the cutting edge of style and fashion and features designs that cross the spectrum – you’re just as likely to see Warrior hats and tees in the cage or the street as you are in the club. Quality is never sacrificed and Warrior is always after the best fabrics and materials to use in their designs, including the wildly popular Domination Fight Shorts.
Wreckage Clothing Wreckage is a growing clothing line representing the action sports-lifestyle including all things FMX, Moto, MMA, Skate, BMX, Auto Racing, Surfing, and Snow Boarding. Now sponsoring multiple athletes in extreme sports, Wreckage Clothing is quickly making a name for itself. Prepare to get wrecked!

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