Location: Kahnawake

Bodog leads our list because of the overall experience they provide. Not only can you find comfort in the fact that everywhere you turn they are there, Bodog has an extremely easy to navigate website so you can get to where you planned to go in a hurry. This means less time fumbling through your book and more time watching the game.

Due to Bodog’s dedication to marketing you are always aware of new features, bonuses, and other extras as time goes on. Add a topical blog and some nice scenery (the Bodog babes), you are in the know and happy to be there.

Short History

Bodog was founded in 1994 by Calvin Ayre. The company has since developed a music brand, MMA fight brand, and of course continues to develop its poker brand by having more and more players play for the Bodog team. They are one of the remaining books operating out of North America, locating themselves in Quebec, Canada on Kahnawake native reserve. The book is licensed and regulated by the The Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Betting on MMA

Bodog is best known for its stylish online casino and decked out poker room. However, it’s sportsbook hosts almost every sport that has a line as well as an embellished horse racing den.

For sports such as MMA, betting lines for the headlining fights are normally released well in advance. Like many books though, undercard fights are released closer to the fight, some of which 24-72 hours prior to fight time. With that said though, they are a dependable resource as you can count on every major MMA fight will have action.

Bonuses and Payments

Bodog offers industry standard bonuses that you expect from most sportsbook these days. You will receive a deposit percentage, you will get your re-deposit kick. However, what sets them apart is their 1x rollover. It makes the process easy to understand and as easy to know when you will see the return.

What you also find with Bodog that you don’t in most places is a huge convenience factor. Bodog has more payout options than its competitors and a higher acceptance rate of credit cards than most. From this perspective alone, you will be hard pressed to find another book that matches the dedication to ensuring these options remain available to its customers.

Overall Reputation

When it comes to reputation, Bodog sets the bar. Covers.com, the leading sports analysis organization, has this to say about our friends at Bodog:

“You’ll be impressed with Bodog’s 24/7 customer service. The company is widely known in the industry for treating its employees at a first class level and training them thoroughly to ensure all players’ needs are met.

The book has an excellent reputation for fast payouts and ease of use, which is why millions have made it their betting shop of choice. Bodog has also never missed a payout and you can be assured your money is always safe.

Bodog has one of the best site designs of any sportsbook and its ease of navigation makes it that much more appealing. You’ll find excellent customer service, lightning payouts and you’ll find everything else you need like a top rated casino and poker room.

Simply put, it’s one of those books where you can’t go wrong.”


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