Why is it important to have more than one sportsbook?

There are attributes that go into making a smart decision of any kind, and, especially as it relates to betting on MMA, several things that increase the chances of winning big. Choosing which events to place bets on, which to stay away from, bankroll management, etc. all go into making the “safest” bet. Betting on MMA (or sports in general) is less like gambling than playing roulette or shooting craps due to the vast amount of analytic information that can easily be obtained from the Internet.

Although a ton of information exists in order to assist in limiting the risk of a bet, there are still so many dependencies that cannot be controlled. When betting on fights (moreso than betting many other events), the factors are numerous and there’s usually only one person to review the analytics (you). Betting on individual-based sports like MMA is unique; whereas an off day for someone in a team sport can be masked by those around him, a fighter’s bad day at the office can quickly lead to significant losses to a bettor – no matter how the fight should normally progress.

Irrespective of a fighter having an off day, there are tools of the trade that are within the control of the sports bettor to assist in wins being their highest and losses their lowest. Quite simply, this technique ensures than money is not wasted, it is merely gained or lost. What is the technique? You heard it mentioned before – line shopping through multiple sportsbooks.

As our MMA Betting Superboard demonstrates time and time again, betting lines on fights can significantly differ between sportsbooks. With fights specifically, many lines are released 24-48 hours prior to the fight, so there isn’t much time to make decisions as to whether it is worth the risk to put the money on the line. There is often a wider gap amongst sportsbook than one might imagine considering much of the insight into providing the line itself is provided by few.

There are many sportsbooks out there to compare, but choosing too many leads into unrealistic management of your bankroll. That could lead to funds not being as liquid as they should be without having an extended bankroll to bet with. Using the example of our Superboard, MMA Full Contact has limited to five sportsbooks that have proven their dependability and dedication to providing lines and prop bets to many fighting events. Even amongst those five, significant fluctuations have been seen allowing for 10-25 percent greater wins or 10-25 percent less losses strictly by having multiple sportsbooks by which to choose. After you have already decided which bet to place, there is no reason not to use this to your advantage.

Visit our MMA Betting Superboard now to see by example what we mean!


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