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Now you can watch all of your favorite fighters and personalities on one page! Check out our new Twitter Superboard.

Want to follow a fighter via their Twitter but can’t because it’s blocked at work? Don’t know the real fighter Twitter pages vs. the imposter Twitter pages?

Relax, problem solved.

Check out our new feature where we have embedded the fighter’s latest Twitter posts (tweets) into the right-hand column of their homepage. On the site homepage, click on “Fighters”, locate your favorite fighter, and then click on the “Homepage & Fight Results…” link underneath them. On that page, you’ll see a fighter photo, their fight results in major MMA organizations, external links to their official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages, as well as their latest tweets displayed just to the right (if they have a twitter on file, of course).

Enjoy… and stay away from War Machine’s tweets!


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