As if you didn’t already know this, wearing NFL, MLB, or NBA jerseys is so 2003. The new style? MMA walkout t-shirts, of course! By popular demand, we’ve added 9 more MMA walkout t-shirts to our online store and now offer over 40 walkout items. These are THE official walkout t-shirts that MMA superstars like Junior dos Santos, BJ Penn, Urijah Faber, and Gray Maynard wore on their way to the cage in recent fights to crack some skulls. Case in point, Maynard wore his walkout t-shirt only two weeks ago at the UFC Fight Night 20 in Fairfax, VA. Click on the links below to check them out.

From Bad Boy:
Bad Boy Demian Maia UFC 109 Walkout T-Shirt
Bad Boy Junior Cigano Dos Santos UFC 108 Walkout T-Shirt

From Cage Fighter:
Cage Fighter BJ Penn UFC 107 Walkout Tee
Cage Fighter Gray Maynard Fight Night 20 Walkout Tee

From FORM Athletics:
FORM Athletics Urijah Faber Amp Energy WEC Walkout T-Shirt

From Silver Star:
Silver Star Antonio Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira UFC 102 Walkout Premium Tee
Silver Star Sugar Rashad Evans UFC 108 Premium Tee
Silver Star Thiago Silva UFC 108 Premium Tee

From Tapout:
Tapout Kenny Florian Signature Series Tee


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