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Ringside IMF Pro Fight Gloves


Ringside IMF Pro Fight Gloves

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The Ringside IMF Pro Fight Gloves are exactly the weapon you need when you go into battle. They are the first professional fight gloves that incorporate IMF Tech padding, the consistency of which has been tested to provide the perfect amount of power and protection.The gloves feature an innovative Quick Tie Tech Lace System that allows them to be tightened with a simple pull of the laces.The supportive, segemented cuff offers extra stability for the wrist, while providing recessed channels for the laces.They are made of leather with an attached thumb for added safety.FeaturesRingside’s Injected Molded Foam Technology IMF Tech) is centered on a single piece of protective foam produced by injecting a specially formulated liquid component into an anatomically correct mold. The result is a durable, shock-absorbing foam that requires no break-in period, will remain consistent over time and will encase the fist in the most natural position possible.




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