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Is there a better sport? We don’t think so, so we built a site that aims to prove it.

This site has been created from a love … well, strong like … well, a closed fist, double pat only, man hug kinda feeling about an intelligent sport that has an upbeat tempo, an energizing spirit, and dedicated fans like no other. We have a good team managing this site, so stay tuned and come back often. Like a Motel 6, we’ll leave the light on for you.

The Team

ARMYOFNONE is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu white belt with absolutely no wrestling or striking experience and has never fought a sole. However, he’s definitely a hardcore fan of MMA. How else would you describe a guy who talked his wife into honeymooning at UFC 52 in Vegas, scheduled past “work trips” to coincide with events in dreary Columbus, OH, or is known to stay up into the wee hours with his pal Jack Daniels combing obscure MMA forums? Exhibiting a healthy dose of keyboard bravado, he’s here to give his take on all things MMA.

Moose is the resident gamblin’ expert on our staff. As his shop-a-holic wife will attest, he’s made a small fortune over the years picking winners in pigskin and basketball, but has really found his niche in MMA. Although his analysis of fights often seems unconventional, the end result is all that matters, and, because of this, he drives a Lexus while you drive an ’88 Oldsmobile. Like any degenerate gambler, he has his ups and downs, but in the end it always works out. At least that’s what he tells us.

MMAFC is the backseat driver creating the look, feel, and functionality of our kick ass site. Primarily a UFC watcher because the TV never leaves Spike or HBO, MMA has gotten the ‘ol juices flowing again. A dedicated boxing fan, MMAFC has grown up to become a true MMA fanatic with a lot of catching up to do. No better way to do that than to join up with die hards like ARMYOFNONE and Moose who can’t stop to breathe in between sentences spewing MMA knowledge. Like any true techie, he’s always thinking of ways to make this site better.

Get Involved

We want this to be a community site, so feel free to comment directly on our site (where possible), email us (see below), make suggestions, send us your pics, shave our backs… anything that you think will help us make this a place that you can continue coming back to without getting that “I thought I burped, but it was actually a little puke” feeling.

If you want some of your in-depth stuff to appear on the web, and would like for it to be among our pages of splendor, send it our way. Before you know it, you’ll see your name (and content) in lights… well, print.

Our emails are as follows. All constructive comments are welcome!

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