Write For Us: Become a MMA Full Contact Content Author

MMA Full Contact has set forth as a reputable resource for everything surrounding the great sport of mixed martial arts. In doing so, MMAFC would like to open its doors to others that love the sport as much as we do by offering the ability to author articles on our site.

We will place your quality content directly on our site for all to see and read. If you have visited our site often, you know that we cover a wide range of topics all related to MMA and the art of gambling on MMA fights. In addition, we cover what we call the MMA Lifestyle which is generic to everything that people like us do and enjoy.

In short, here is how to become an author either temporary or permanent:

We will review the submissions as quickly as Anderson Silva could knock you on your ass. Well maybe as fast as Kimbo could put you in an arm bar from his back. What we are saying is that we will get it reviewed as quickly as possible – we are as excited to get your content as you are to get it on the net.

As the community content comes in, we have plans to broaden the visibility on the site as appropriate – so you are the driving force here.

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