MMAFC Reader Submissions

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Big Ben Rothwell, Complain All You Want

Contributor: 2JupitersTooMany. Consider Ben Rothwell. I’m talking about that heavyweight monster who was undefeated in the IFL. If you’re a casual fan, maybe that doesn’t

Is the MMA Scoring System Flawed?

Contributor: Marko. The light heavyweight title fight between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Lyoto Machida is the latest to be added to a long list of

Dentistry and Josh Neer

Contributor: 2JupitersTooMany. Calling Josh Neer “the Dentist” feels right, but it’s not just because he’s got molar prints on his ring fingers. He hasn’t exactly

Why Hendo Can’t Get His Dough?

Contributor: Joe Stewart. Fact. The UFC has generated $330 million off of pay-per-view revenue and ticket sales alone so far this year. Those are staggering

The MA in MMA

Contributor: Gary Blevins. I could barely hear my fighter over the crowd. It was a small bar filled so far past max capacity that I