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UFC Cut List – Fighters Who Were Dropped from the UFC

No one likes being cut, but, it’s all part of the cream rising to the top. Although they reached the pinnacle of mixed martial arts, the fighters within had their contracts terminated by the UFC for one reason or another. It’s not all bad, though. Often, the UFC will invite back terminated fighters if they string together a few solid wins in other organizations.

UFC Wives and Girlfriends of MMA Fighters

Never mind the money, fame, and glory. We know the real reason that most become fighters… the women, of course! Within, you’ll find some of the hottest wives and girlfriends of MMA fighters. Sure, we know some of these relationships have long been over, but, a little eye candy never hurts. As if anyone needed another reason to be envious.

MMA’s Bloodiest Fights and Ugliest Injuries

There’s been a saying in MMA circles for years, “everyone has a plan… until they get hit in the face.” Quite simply, getting hit in the face hurts and feeling that pain can change the course of a fight. While we sit on our couches downing brews, our favorite fighters are trading blows during fights that inflict real damage.

The Top 15 Best Physiques in MMA

Secure in our own beer-bellied manliness, we’re not above recognizing when a particular fighter is exceptionally jacked up or ripped. Hey, it’s their job to train and fight. Ours, not so much. That being said, it’s no coincidence that some of the strongest and most ripped fighters are among the most accomplished in the sport.

Bellator Event Posters

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Gone too Young: Deaths in MMA

MMA competitors are faced with a dizzying array of challenges to their psyche (and sanity) and, as a result, can having trouble coping in good times or bad. Factor in the risk of competing in an ultra-violent sport with the unpredictable reach of Mother Nature, and you end up with the unfortunate result of some within MMA dying too young.

Dream Event Posters

Wow, Dream puts together some great promotional posters, don’t they? While most organizations slap a few fighters and a date on their event posters, Dream

MMA Fighter Mugshots

What a rogue’s gallery of hardcore criminals! Well, not really. In general, MMA fighters get a bad rap because the mainstream media still doesn’t understand the sport. Any slip up and they plaster that fighter’s mugshot everywhere. Drinking and driving, drugs, fighting – the usual shenanigans here. Well, we gathered the mugshots, but only ‘cuz you asked.

Royce Gracie UFC Legend

UFC Hall of Fame Pioneers

Tournament champions. Superfight winners. Multiple weight class champions. No doubt about it – the UFC Hall of Fame is stacked with some of the most accomplished fighters of our generation. And, unlike “Hall of Famers” in other sports, the will of these warriors is so intense that some are still fighting. Will Randy Couture ever hang ’em up?