Benny The Jet Urquidez’s Kickboxing Series Volume 1

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Benny “The Jet” Urquidez starts with a tough training and conditioning workout, and then goes through the fighting techniques needed to be an effective kickboxer.Includes an exclusive interview along with answers to the most commonly asked questions and an equipment training workout.Eight volumes to choose from. Volume 1: Dynamic Training and Conditioning.Urquidez gets you in the best shape of your life with his tough training and conditioning workout. Numerous exercises are designed to build stamina, speed, power, reflexes, balance, confidence and more. Also includes special high impact exercises which toughen the body to withstand strikes when in combat!. Approx. 61 min.Volume 2: Dynamic Fundamental Fighting Techniques.Urquidez will open the eyes to a whole new way of fighting with this video. He teaches how to develop a strong foundation as a fighter including blocks, punches, kicks, footwork, stances, bobbing, weaving, faking, rhythm, timing, distancing, balance and much more.App