Eight Count Graphic Boxing Glove

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The ‘textured’ print and gold color of these gloves give them a powerful, unique look – and you’ll never get your gloves mixed up with your teammates’ again!Stiff padding on the back of the wrist wrap provides additional support and reinforcement to the joint. The gloves have a soft interior for wearer comfort, as well as a padded internal grip bar to guide hands into the correct fist formation and reduce fatigue of those muscles. The attached thumbs are an essential safety feature. Attached thumbs are less likely to result in the wearer jamming or spraining their thumbs, and also reduce the chance of accidentally poking an opponent in the eye with a stray thumb. An extra strip of padding on the palm-side of the glove run from the area at the bottom of the little finger to the heel of the hand, adding extra shielding for the bones in the hand.Available in 14 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.