Filipino Weapons Training Series

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Compilation of the Filipino art of Lameco Escrima and the Inosanto Lacosta system of Kali. Influenced by many Filipino fighting techniques taught and handed down from Dan Inosanto and Edgar Sulite.Three volumes to choose from. Intermediate Filipino Weapons Training: Volume 1.Contains a non-style specific instruction that includes Lameco-Illustrismo system, numbering system, Angle’s 1-5, and feeding the attack lines. Also features single stick, double stick, baseball grip, left and right hand techniques, footwork, empty hands training vs. weapon attack, stick-to-stick, pass, stop, as well as stop and hit.Approx. 50 min.Advanced Filipino Weapons Training: Volume 2.This program includes drill series, Redondo, the “X”, the ABC’s (Abcedario), stick drills, hit the hand, pass the hand, the cross, blocking opponent’s strikes, stripping, leverage and manipulation.Approx. 50 min.