Gameness Female Pearl Gi

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New for the Female Pearl Gi. The Gameness Pearl Gi defines the new look of Gameness: simple and clean. The quality construction can be seen throughout the Gi with reinforcements in all the right places, making this a gi that will stand up to intense training for years. All Gis are not created equal, and you can feel the premium cotton used as soon as you put on the Female Pearl Gi. Comfortable and long-lasting, this gi has the right combination of style, functionality, and durability. Features a rubber collar for faster drying, seamless back for comfortable rolling, an embroidered Gameness logo on the chest and “G†patches on the shoulders. The pants are made for comfort and durability and with an embroidered “G†on the upper thigh of the pants. The Gameness Female Pearl is available in white, with either pink or violet accents.