Heavyweight Champ Bas Ruten’s Extreme Pancrase Series



Heavyweight champion Bas Rutten is featured in this advanced, no-holds-barred street fighting training series. Pancrase is known as an unbeatable hybrid fighting system. Learn how to be unbeatable in any ground or stand-up combat and how to fight to win.Ten titles to choose from. Volume 1.Stances, Footwork, Blocks, Stand Up Kicks and Punches.Approx. 70 min. Volume 2.Stand Up Striking Combos, Clinching and Ground Striking Techniques.Approx. 90 min. Volume 3.Leg Locks and Heel Hooks: Part 1.Approx. 60 min. Volume 4.Leg Locks and Heel Hooks: Part 2.Approx. 60 min. Volume 5.Chokes And Neck Cranks.Approx. 60 min. Volume 6.Arm Locks, Arm Bars and Shoulder Locks.Approx. 60 min.Volume 7.Ground Fighting Reversals and Escapes.Approx. 60 min. Volume 8.Take Downs, Set Ups and Submission Ground Fighting Combos.Approx. 60 min. Volume 9.Fighting Fitness Workout.Approx. 70 min. Volume 10.Bas Rutten In Action: Interview and Highlights.Approx. 60 min.