Jeet Kune Do Volume 1



Paul Vunak begins with the fundamental kick boxing drills and equipment training developed by Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto then continues with trapping, dummy training, knife fighting and more.Seven titles to choose from. Volume 1.Jun Fan Kickboxing: Part 1.Includes fundamental drills and equipment training.Approx. 60 min.Volume 2.Jun Fan Kickboxing: Part 2.Includes advanced sparring and drills for competition and self-defense.Approx. 56 min. Volume 3.JKD Trapping.Features JKD, Wing Chun, Kali, Thai boxing, plus combative training drills.Approx. 49 min. Volume 4.JKD Wing Chun Dummy Training.Use the Mook Jong to improve trapping skills.Approx. 39 min. Volume 5.Filipino Knife Fighting.Focuses on speed, timing, footwork, reflexes, disarms and sparring.Approx. 38 min. Volume 6.Filipino Stick Fighting.Focuses on drills, self-defense, sparring techniques, single and double sticks, stick and dagger and more.Approx. 54 min. Volume 7.Jeet Kune Do: Paul Vunak Attributes Video.Featuring highl