Joshua Quartin Championship Sword Series



Four volumes to choose from. Volume 1.Beginner Sword.Through warm-ups, figure eight, hand rolls and stances, you will learn basic sword techniques that will improve your speed, flexibility and sword cuts. Quartin will also teach basic cut drills using downside up and hand rolls to help create a solid foundation for you to build upon.Volume 2.Intermediate Sword.Step up your skills by learning blocks, complex figure eight, basic jump cuts and basic throws. Practice transitioning hand positions with drill combinations that have proved to be effective in championship sword technique.Volume 3.Advanced Sword.Learn a good foundation for the basic kata and how to add onto it as you see fit. Quartin teaches complex combination drills for practice and warm-ups, as well as creative jumps such as the tornado cut jump and the figure eight, 180 degree cut to stance, throws, hand roll and throw combinations, and drills.Volume 4.Extreme Sword.Learn extreme tricks with sword possession. Quartin shows y