Karate with Bill “SuperFoot” Wallace



Bill Wallace takes you through his personal style of Karate. Learn his stretching routines, kicking techniques, fight strategy, power fighting and much more.Fifteen volumes to choose from. Super Stretching and Conditioning.Improve flexibility, build agility, speed and power.Approx. 57 min.Super Kicking Techniques.Kick over, under, and around blocks. Includes two full contact title fights.Approx. 58 min.Super Point Sparring Techniques & Fight Strategy.Learn offensive and defensive strategies along with endurance.Approx. 84 min.Self-Defense System.A unique approach with an easy to learn, no-nonsense system.Approx. 57 min.Lifestory of a Karate Superstar: Bill Wallace.Watch Bill Wallace’s kicking style, training, his greatest fights and learn what it takes to become a world champion.Approx. 50 min.Power Fighting 1.Learn footwork, stances, punches, kicks and training.Approx. 57 min. Power Fighting 2.Advanced full contact fighting combos.Approx. 57 min.Challenge Match.Learn full conta