Master Dr. Daniel Lee’s Tai Chi Chuan Series Volume 1

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Features warm-ups, postures of long form with applications, along with self-defense, broad sword, special drills, plus the history and philosophy of Tai Chi.Nine titles to choose from. Volume 1.Tai Chi Yang Long Form 1.Includes special warm-ups and the first seventeen postures.Approx. 84 min.Volume 2.Tai Chi Yang Long Form 2.Includes postures 18 to 32 and completes the second section.Approx. 55 min.Volume 3.Tai Chi Yang Long Form 3.Includes postures 33 to 55 and completes the third section.Approx. 55 min.Volume 4.Tai Chi Yang Long Form 4.Includes postures 56 to 108 and completes the last section.Approx. 55 min.Volume 5.Tai Chi Fast Set.Learn rapid pace form for improving endurance and coordination.Approx. 55 min. Volume 6.Tai Chi Push Hands.Learn special drills for developing sensitivity and reflexes.Approx. 60 min.Volume 7.Tai Chi Self-Defense.Demonstrates how ancient movements of Tai Chi can stop any attacker.Approx. 42 min.Volume 8.Tai Chi Broad Sword.Approx. 30 min.Volume 9.Tai C