Shuai Jiao Series



Master Peter Chema.Ten titles to choose from. Volume 1.Training Methods.This first training video includes warm-up and conditioning exercises, methods of falling, as well as training postures and stances.Approx. 48 min.Volume 2.Training Methods.Includes methods of belt and chain cracking, steel bag throwing, brick twisting, blocking, grabbing and controlling techniques.Approx. 50 min.Volume 3.Green Belt Techniques.Contains all of the necessary promotional materials for green belt (5th Jie). Rank including 12 forms, four throws, and two combinations. Forms: diagonal striking, neck surrounding, elbow locking, diagonal pulling, march and kick, cracking, backward kicking, pushing, bowing, lower body control hip throw, pulling, horizontal throwing. Throws: lower body control hip throw, leading arm & kick throw, chopping throw. Self-defense combinations: head smashing and arm grabbing/leg blocking.Approx. 50 min.Volume 4.Green-Blue-Green Belt Techniques (4th Jie).Contains all of the necessar