Thomas Sipin: Intermediate Eskrima Volume 1

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In 2005, Mr. Sipin became the first person born in the U.S. to earn the rank of 9th degree black belt and be named a Grandmaster of the Filipino Martial Art of Doce Pares Eskrima. Volume 1.Corto Abesedarios and Basic Forms.Grandmaster Thomas Sipin, his son Master Kelii Sipin and Guro Jenny Noval will show you Doce Pares forms 1 through 4, with a sword and dagger variation. Also covered are drills to improve your close range attacking, checking, and countering including Doce Pares’ Corto Kurbada.Volume 2.Larga Mano Abesedarios and Intermediate Forms.Grandmaster Sipin, Master Kelii and Guro Jenny introduce Doce Pares forms 5 through 8, and address long range attacking, countering and movement drills.Volume 3.Intermediate Weapon Disarming and Locking.Grandmaster Sipin, Master Kelii and Guro Jenny teach trapping, locking and disarming drills against both stick and knife attacks.Volume 4.Training for Competition Stick Fighting.Grandmaster Sipin, Master Kelii and Guro Jenny demonstrate how t