[WATCH] Top 5 Most Insane KO’s in UFC History

Since the inception of the UFC all the way back in 1993 we have seen some pretty savage knockouts over the years…

Most Insane KO’s in UFC History

Rampage Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva 3 (UFC 92)

The third time both men met ended in one of the most spectacular knockouts ever witnessed in the UFC. Wanderlei Silva, two wins up on his opponent by way of KO under the Pride banner, would have been expecting to add a third to his resume. Let’s just say this: Rampage got his revenge…

“Tank” Abbott vs. Steve Nelmark (UFC: Ultimate Ultimate 1996)

Hands down one of the most famous knockouts in UFC history: “Tank” Abbott absolutely nails Nelmark, leaving his opponent folded like a cheap chair on the canvas. While the footage may be dated, the impact is still tangible. Raw, savage brutality at it’s finest!

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Gabriel Gongaza (UFC 70)

Those with long memories should have little trouble remembering Mirko Cro Cop’s absolutely barbaric head-kick KO loss to Gabriel Gongaza. Cro Cop was expected to challenge the top brass at heavyweight prior to this fight, but was quickly derailed following a crushing blow to the head by his Brazilian opponent. This clip illustrates just how powerful a well-timed head kick can be.

Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim (UFC 142)

The #2 knockout on the list sees Barboza’s incredible head kick KO over England’s Terry Etim in Brazil. The technique and execution of this KO was simply a joy to watch for everyone (aside from Etim…)

Gerald Harris vs. David Branch (UFC 116)

Gerald Harris’ “slam heard around the world” over David Branch was one of the most spectacular finishes to a fight ever seen inside the cage. The sheer brutality of this slam on Branch was enough to leave him with nightmares for the rest of his days. Ouch!

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