Carlos Condit Comments on Fitch No Go

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Carlos Condit Comments on Fitch No Go Carlos Condit spoke to MMA Junkie about the decision to not face Jon Fitch in the upcoming battle, UFC 126, scheduled in Feb. When he was asked to comment on the newly scheduled fight where Fitch will face off against Jake Ellenberger, Condit stated:
“I imagine it will go like Fitch’s fights go, usually,” he said. “Ellenberger has a lot of power, and I don’t think Fitch is going to risk standing up with him for very long. So I imagine that he’s probably going to take [Ellenberger] down and outgrapple him. Fitch is a great fighter. I’m not taking anything away from him. I’m a fan. I just think he’s not really a finisher, and that’s his thing. But he’s one of the best fighters in the division either way. “But, like I said, Ellenberger has a hell of a lot of power, and I think he could definitely take Fitch out because he’s dangerous.”
He later commented to Junkie a little about the business side of MMA, categorizing his decision not to fight Fitch by saying:
“At a certain point in your career, you have to start being smart about picking your fights,” Condit said. “There’s a lot of guys that are tough as hell and very dangerous but don’t have a huge name. So losing to them wouldn’t do anything for you, and neither would beating them.”
He has been taking some real grief on his twitter, so check that out on the Carlos Condit profile page. Check out the full story at

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