Goran Reljic vs Wilson Gouveia

Gouveia started off throwing some sizing jabs and a few good connecting kicks.  Reljic landed some hard kicks that you could hear smack the arms of Gouveia’s.  Reljic also landed a solid kick to the head.  Reljic continued toucing Gouveia with kicks with not much in return.

Both fighters exchange kicks and a few jabs during the middle minutes of the first round.  In the final minute Gouveia lands an uppercut that temporarily stuns Reljic.  After Gouveia lands a few more punches, Reljic lunges onto Gouveia and pulls him to the ground to hold guard and finish off the round to limit further punishment.

As the second round begins you can see the redness from Reljic’s kicks on the arms of Gouveia.  More left kicks land from Reljic until Gouveia catches him in one and lands a swift hand to Reljic head and drops him.  Also getting some good ground and pound in, Gouveia has Reljic hurt.  Reljic is able to get back onto his feet only to eat another right hand.

And the Reljic lands a big left hand and drops Gouveia hard.  Ground and pound from Reljic with flying fists and elbows to the injured Gouveia causes the ref to come in a stop this fight.

TKO for Goran Reljic!

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