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Alliance Jiu Jitsu Atlanta

4630 N Shallowford Rd Dunwoody, GA 30338

(770) 458-9825


Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Atlanta is a renowned martial arts training center that offers a wide range of programs for individuals of all ages. The gym’s philosophy centers around the belief that martial arts training can aid in developing the mental and physical skills necessary for success in life. This belief extends beyond the realm of self-defense, promoting self-confidence, improved focus, physical strength, and fostering positive social interaction.

Young learners studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) at Alliance are empowered to utilize their body’s strength, fostering an increase in self-confidence and pride that has a positive impact on all aspects of their lives. Adult learners are taught strategic techniques, such as taking fights to the ground and using chokeholds, enabling even a smaller individual to become a formidable challenge for an attacker.

The learning process at Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Atlanta is structured to gradually increase in intensity and difficulty. This methodology is supported by experienced instructors and students who assist newcomers in effectively learning martial arts. The gym’s reputation for cleanliness is especially commendable, considering the nature of close quarters contact sports, and its structured curriculum helps those unfamiliar with grappling to process everything effectively.

Besides the regular training programs, Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Atlanta emphasizes respect and discipline, fostering a positive atmosphere for all students. Notably, the gym is led by Grandmaster Romero Jacare Cavalcanti, one of the few individuals to have obtained a Black Belt from the legendary Rolls Gracie. Consequently, the team is regarded as one of the most elite Jiu-Jitsu teams worldwide, attracting competitors globally.

Students’ testimonials highlight the gym’s professionalism and welcoming environment. Instructors are praised for creating a fun learning environment that also emphasizes safety, persistence, and preventative measures. The training style, centered on the belief that “Self-Defense is first,” resonates with many of its members’ personal interests in martial arts. Alliance Jiu-Jitsu Atlanta is highly recommended for its role in fostering healthier, more confident, and dedicated individuals.

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4630 N Shallowford Rd Dunwoody, GA 30338
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