Renzo Gracie Austin

4103 Guadaluoe St, STE A Austin Tx. 78751



Renzo Gracie Austin is an esteemed Jiu Jitsu martial arts school located in the heart of Austin, Texas. This academy, with its rich legacy and connections to the renowned network of Renzo Gracie Schools, provides an all-encompassing approach to martial arts education, empowering students of all ages and skill levels to tap into their potential.

The academy offers a diverse portfolio of programs tailored to meet the needs of its students. The Kids Jiu Jitsu program, known as the Future Champions Program, caters to young learners from ages 3 to 13. The Adult Jiu Jitsu program, on the other hand, provides classes for all levels, from those looking to engage in the sport recreationally to those preparing for high-stakes competitions.

For those seeking a more personal and concentrated approach to their learning, the academy provides Private Lessons, facilitating one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced instructors. This personalized coaching accelerates the learning process, allowing students to master techniques at their own pace.

One of the unique advantages of training at Renzo Gracie Austin is the opportunity to be part of a nationwide network of Renzo Gracie Schools. This gives students access to world-class training resources and opportunities to engage with a broader martial arts community.

The benefits of joining the Renzo Gracie Austin community extend beyond physical fitness. Jiu Jitsu is recognized as a comprehensive form of resistance and cardiovascular training, burning up to 670 calories per class. However, the advantages are not limited to physical fitness alone. The training also instills discipline and self-defense skills, equipping students to face life with confidence.

Children benefit from an engaging and fun environment that teaches discipline and cultivates lasting friendships. Meanwhile, adults immerse themselves in a family-oriented community that values self-improvement both on and off the mat.

At the heart of Renzo Gracie Austin’s success are its instructors, each bringing decades of experience in teaching, training, and competing. This wealth of knowledge and practical experience ensures that students receive top-tier instruction.

The academy welcomes interested individuals to schedule a free trial class to meet the coaches and get a feel for the community. Once they’ve decided to join, they can sign up and embark on a transformative journey that promises to change their lives.