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Söders Fight Gym Gävle

Södra Kansligatan 9, 802 52 Gävle

073-591 37 72 ​​


Söders Fight Gym, located in Gävle, Gävleborgs län, is a premier martial arts and fitness center. The gym recently underwent a significant renovation and expansion, now boasting a spacious 450 square meter facility. As part of its commitment to providing a comprehensive fitness experience, the gym has also introduced a shop, a printing service, and a smoothie bar.

The gym offers a wide range of training options, with a focus on attracting more fitness enthusiasts. The services and facilities have been upgraded to offer a more professional experience in all areas. The gym provides training in various martial arts disciplines, as well as fitness classes for children and adults.

Söders Fight Gym is dedicated to serving the community, regardless of their fitness level or ambitions. They offer high-quality martial arts training for children, fitness enthusiasts, and elite athletes. No prior experience is required to start training at Söders Fight Gym, making it an inclusive environment for anyone interested in improving their fitness or learning martial arts.

In summary, Söders Fight Gym is a comprehensive fitness hub that combines high-quality martial arts training with a range of amenities designed to enhance the overall fitness experience.

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Södra Kansligatan 9, 802 52 Gävle