Hermes Franca vs Frank Edgar

The often bright haired Hermes came to the octagon wih blue hair for the fight against Edgar.  Frankie took boy blue to the mat in the first 5 seconds of the fight.

Edgar managed Hermes well in the first half of the round from his well-known up kicks and continued to land shots.  Hermes did take a few clean shots but for the most part stood clear from real damage and surprised Edgar with a armbar everyone thought was going to end the fight.

However Frankie got loose and the fight continued standing up.  Hermes landed a nice overhead shot, but they went back to the ground with Edgar on top.  The first round closed this way.

Round 2 opened with an exchange of leg kicks and back to the ground with Edgar taking Hermes to his back.  It didn’t take long until Hermes’ nose starting bleeding from the onslaught of Edgar punches through Hermes’ loose guard.

At one point Frankie had Hermes back but Hermes quickly rolled into full guard once again.  With less than a minute in the round they were back on their feet, but the round closed with Hermes back on his back with Edgar in control on top.

Round 3 started off with big big shots from Hermes, mostly knees.  However, once again, Edgar had Hermes on the ground for a bit, but Hermes needing this round got them back to their feet only to be on his back at the will of Edgar within seconds.

This fight was non-stop and Frankie Edgar stayed in control the vast majority of the fight.  Hermes tries submission after submission but Edgar kept them at bay and kept the pressure on tiring Hermes.  Once on their feet Hermes landed a powerful knee causing Edgar to bleed heavily.  Edgar immediately tackled Hermes to the ground to closeout the fight sving his chances for a decision.

Ultimately he did just that with a unanimous decision in the favor of Frankie Edgar.

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