Is Kimbo Angling for Petruzelli Rematch?

Regardless of how Kimbo Slice performs in this evening’s televised bout with Roy Nelson – or during the rest of the season (if applicable) – is Kimbo already laying the ground work for a rematch with famed Kimbo-killer Seth Petruzelli? For those living on Mars, Petruzelli TKO’ed Slice in 14 seconds at last October’s EliteXC Heat showdown. Kimbo mentioned the following during Monday’s press call hyping this week’s fight between him and Nelson.

Seth needs to be careful because we live in the same backyard and I know that sissy ice cream shop (Petruzelli owns in South Florida). No one ever approached me with any rematch with Seth and I never turned that down. That’s (expletive). That didn’t happen. If Seth signed with UFC and Dana wanted to match us up, I’d do that. I don’t like lying. I’d never turn down a rematch with anybody. It ain’t personal, but it’s (expletive). I never said no to nothing to him. I’ve been hearing that dude talking (expletive).

Petruzelli hasn’t exactly been an innocent bystander, as well. He recently dropped the following on the well-known UG message board.

I did have respect for you, after our fight you said I was the better fighter. There were 3 times that we could have fought after the Elite(XC) show for you to get a rematch, but you declined all 3 times. Now you go on ESPN making excuses, saying the only reason you lost was that it was sprung on you the last minute and that you can beat me with one hand behind your back!!!! You can go F yourself…maybe now that the UFC is having me back we will see for sure.

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