Scott Jorgensen: Is This All You Got?

“You keep giving me these fights, and you keep giving me time to get better. My hands get better and better. I hit harder and harder, and I’m starting to tie it all in with my wrestling, which is I feel the best at 135 pounds. Coming in 2010, I’d like to see a title shot.”

“I don’t (call out fighters), I fight. I’m a fighter, and I’m a wrestler at heart. I grew up, and I never called anybody out. You just put them in front of me, you tell me the date and the time, and I’ll be ready to fight and put on a show.”

– The WEC’s Scott Jorgensen building his case for a title shot, or for fights with bigger names, in the organization’s Bantamweight division in 2010. Jorgensen has won 5 of his last 6 fights in the WEC and is now thought of as a legitimate contender at 135 lbs. Rumors are starting to swirl that Jorgensen may end up fighting Miguel Torres at WEC 47 in March 2010 to determine the next in line for a title shot.

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