UFC Fight Night

Well it is certainly a great gear up for the new season of Ultimate Fighter.  We have Ultimate Fighter vets displaying their absolute right for being a part of the UFC.  There is no doubt that the fighters chosen for the series are the toughest fighters in the world.

In the first bout, veteran Ultimate Fighter contestant, Ed Herman (season 3) had a back and forth fight that he lost in a close, split decision to Alan Belcher.  Next up is Mac Danzig (season 6) is what will be a high intensity fight with the always high strung, Clay Guida.  With a couple of huge takedowns Guida is definitely a great match to Danzig.

Guida’s only fault is his own intensity.  I have to say that everytime I have ever seen him fight, the intensity always puzzles his opponents, but in some cases he gets caught because he is moving faster than he can think.

Danzig and Guida continue to go at it keeping constant excitement.  There are fists flying as fast as Guida’s hair is flapping.  It just doesn’t stop and after seeing Danzig’s frustration for ten more minutes the decision comes at no surprise that a unanimous decision goes in the favor of Guida.

This is the fight that I have personnally wanted to see tonight.  After watching the Ultimate Fighter and seeing Nate Diaz in action, I was hooked.  This lanky tough guy is what this sport is all about to me.  I just can’t get enough of watching this guy kick ass.  Tonight he is fighting Josh Neer in the man event of fight night to kick us into a new season of Ultimate Fighter.

Josh Neer starts with impressive style and gives Nate a bit of trouble.  However, that doesn’t last too long.  Nate just goes from one submission attempt to the next with seemless transitions.  That is what is so amazing to watch.

After eating a few at the end of the first round, Neer seems a but hesitant to get started again.  And rightfully so, Nate Diaz is just getting warmed up.  Meer is holding his own and gets Diaz’s back.  I have no idea how Nate got out of the choke hold.  Meer really failed to execute that once in a fight opportunity.

What is most amazing is that at 23 years old he remains as calm as anyone in the octagon stepping over near submissions and sliding into an attempt of his own.  A split decision goes to Nate Diaz in this close fight.  Neer did what he needed to and put up a great fight.

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