Conor McGregor Shows off Insane Speed on Dublin Streets, Despite Court Appearance

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor treated surprised Irish fans with a fierce display of speed and power, and everything was caught on the camera of the startled Dubliners

The footage will no doubt raise eyebrows among many, given the mercurial Irishman’s previous history of getting popped for speeding.

Last year, “The Notorious” appeared in court in Dublin to answer speeding charges. The court date came just days after McGregor was accused of assaulting the henchman of an infamous Dublin mob associate. The 29-year-old was fined and the heat surrounding him calmed down.

The reason for the UFC megastar’s low profile appears to be that he has resumed training, with a view to making his long-awaited return to the octagon.

“I’m just happy to see him back, just regular training,” McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh recently told BBC Sport. “He had a lot going on in his life. A lot of stuff outside of fighting was going on in his life and he seems to be getting the hang of all that. Now he’s back training almost every day now and I think 2018 will be another big year for us. Exactly what that is, I don’t know yet, but the plan is forming. Stay tuned.

”Conor’s still the champion. “He can say what he wants but I have his belt at home. He’s still the champion. He’s making the decision on what makes sense for the next move but it’s kind of early days yet. We’re just watching how that has developed while he’s been away. Let’s see what happens in 2018. I’m excited about it.”

“You want to know my opinion?” Kavanagh continued. “I’ll be pushing very hard for MMA. The boxing was a nice detour from what we’ve done but mixed martial arts is my passion so if I have anything to do with it, he’ll be in the octagon this year.”

In other UFC news, former dominant middleweight champion Anderson Silva has confirmed that he will not walk away from the sport of MMA. Silva was pulled from his bout against Kelvin Gastelum at UFC Shanghai following a positive test for a banned substance, which was the second time in less than three years that “The Spider” was popped for such an indiscretion.

“When I look at this photo, I realize how much God strengthens me by always giving me light in my walk. On a long trip, fantastic memories of the time I played in the streets of the neighborhood where I grew up in Curitiba. Everything I’ve been through, everything I’ve built with willpower, determination and great honor. I had the privilege of putting the coat of my heart team, in a way, to give a world title to him and especially to my people. I just have to thank you all for everything, I say from my heart, I love you all who are always giving me strength.

“Kiss! I really love you, strength and honor to all, regardless of team, color, race, religion and sexual choice, we are all brothers. Thank you, my people! You can be sure it’s not over yet. My love and my passion for the fight are here, firm and strong. The fight continues, I will stop when GOD thinks I can not do it anymore. So who is my fan, can be sure, that soon I’m back, to the joy of those who cheer for me and to the sadness of those who don’t kkkkkk kiss,” Silva wrote to Instagram.

Silva has yet to feature in a bout since February 2017, when he beat Derek Brunson by a controversial decision to mark his first win in five attempts. Silva will be hoping that he can make his way back into the cage soon, given the fact that at 42, the Brazilian’s career is beginning to come to an end.

Silva, who is having his stellar legacy questioned by many following his latest positive test which came after a positive test for steroids drostanolone and androsterone in an in-competition test following a win over Nick Diaz in January 2015, is clearly not willing to quit just yet.

Fans of the legendary Brazilian will certainly be hoping for at least one last appearance from Silva.

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