UFC Belts: All You Need to Know

The UFC championship belt is a symbol of prestige and respect in the world of mixed martial arts. It is a coveted prize that only the best fighters can earn, and it represents the pinnacle of achievement in the sport. The belt is not only a physical representation of a fighter’s success, but it is also a sign of their dedication and hard work.

What is a UFC Belt Worth?

According to recent estimates, a real UFC championship belt is worth approximately $330,000. The value of the belt increases with the number of title defenses a fighter has, and precious stones are added for each defense. The identity of the champion also plays a role in determining the value of the belt, with more high-profile fighters commanding a higher price. While the UFC sells replicas of the belt for around $1000, the real belts are worth a whole lot more.

Do UFC Fighters Keep Their Belts?

UFC champions are allowed to keep their belts after winning a title, as every champion gets to keep their belt. For instance, Demetrious Johnson has a famous photo with his twelve belts, which includes 11 title defenses plus the initial win. However, since the introduction of the new UFC Legacy belt, champions don’t get a new belt for every title defense anymore. Instead, the belt they already have gets upgraded by adding a precious stone to one of the plates on the belt, symbolizing the title defense. If a fighter just became the champion or lost their title but then regained it after a few fights, they would receive a new belt.

How Much Does the UFC Belt Cost?

The cost of a UFC belt varies depending on whether it is a replica or the real deal. A luxury replica of the championship belt can be purchased for around $1000. However, the real belts are only available at special auctions if the (former) champion is willing to sell it.

The estimated cost of a real UFC championship belt is around $330,000. The new UFC Legacy belt is made of solid gold plates, and each belt has around two pounds of precious metal on it. This makes the price of the belt go up quickly.

Apart from the value of the materials, the story behind the belt also plays a significant role in determining its price. If it’s an original belt that has never been handed to a champion, the price will be lower than a belt once held by a real UFC champ.

The same belt can sell for various prices depending on who the buyer is and where it’s sold. If purchased at the right auction with the right buyers, it can even go higher than the $330k approximation.

The new UFC Legacy belt is worth at least three times more than the old belts, according to the UFC news release. So, if someone wants to own the real deal, they’ll have to spend a considerable amount of money.

Are All UFC Belts the Same?

Before 2019, all Classic UFC belts were identical in terms of length, weight, and design. However, the introduction of the UFC Legacy belt changed things. The UFC Legacy belt is personalized for each fighter and features the flag of their native country, rubies on the plates for every title defense, and the fighter’s name and weight class on the left-side plate. This means that every UFC Legacy belt is unique, making them even more valuable. The value of a UFC Legacy belt increases depending on the number of title defenses a fighter has.

In addition to the Classic and Legacy belts, there is also the BMF (Baddest Mother F***er) belt, which was introduced for the fight between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244. However, this belt has only been used once and is not a regular part of the UFC championship.

The Classic UFC belts were made of leather with solid brass straps and side plates. The original belt had a gold-plated metal UFC logo and red stones. The UFC Legacy belt is made of gold with precious stones added for each title defense. The strap is made of leather, and the side plates are made of brass. The belt comes with a velvet zippered carrying case.

Design and Evolution of the UFC Belt

The original UFC belt was a simple affair, reflecting the nascent stages of the sport. Over the years, as the UFC grew in prominence and stature, the belt evolved to match its grandeur. Earlier designs were more understated, but as the sport gained popularity, the belt became more ornate, reflecting the prestige associated with being a UFC champion.

In 2019, the UFC introduced a new design known as the “Legacy Belt.” This design incorporated various elements representing different aspects of the sport and its global reach. For instance, each flag on the belt represents a country that has produced a UFC champion, emphasizing the international appeal and diversity of the sport.

Every element of the UFC belt is symbolic. The gold used represents the standard of excellence that champions are expected to uphold. The globe in the center signifies the worldwide competition, while the octagon shape mirrors the cage where battles are fought and legends are made. The number of stones embedded in the belt corresponds to the number of title defenses the champion has made, a nod to the ongoing legacy and journey of a champion.

The belt’s design is not just about aesthetics; it tells a story. A story of fighters from around the world, competing at the highest level, striving for a piece of history that signifies they are the best in their weight class. As the UFC continues to grow and evolve, it’s likely that the design of the belt will too, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of this dynamic sport.

The UFC Legacy Belt

The UFC Legacy Belt, introduced in 2019, is a testament to the evolution and global reach of the sport of mixed martial arts. More than just a symbol of championship supremacy, this belt is intricately designed to tell the story of the UFC’s journey and its champions. Crafted with a central globe, it emphasizes the international scope of the competition, while flags engraved on the belt represent countries that have produced a UFC champion, showcasing the diversity and global talent pool of the organization.

Additionally, the belt features an octagon-shaped face, mirroring the iconic cage where fighters test their mettle. One of its most unique features is the addition of gemstones, which are embedded to signify each title defense made by its holder, allowing the belt to evolve and reflect the champion’s legacy in real-time.

Who Makes the UFC Belts?

The UFC Legacy belt, which features a more individualistic look, is designed and manufactured by the UFC themselves. Brad Flaherty is the designer of the belt, while Jae El Manufacturing is the company responsible for making the belts.

Before the Legacy belt, Dave Millican Belts designed and made the standard gold-plated UFC championship belt. Each champion now has a unique, personalized belt, with their native country’s flag and precious stones highlighting their title defenses instead of receiving a new belt for each defense.

How Much Does the UFC Belt Weigh?

The weight of the UFC belt varies depending on the type of belt.

The old Classic UFC belts weighed only around 5.5 lbs each, and they were all the same. However, the Legacy belt is a lot more decorated and has far more add-ons, so they also weigh more.

Every Legacy belt weighs 10.45 lbs, and that number changes ever so slightly with every title defense. Since champions keep their belts, and the belt they have gets “upgraded” with a precious stone (ruby) for each title defense instead of getting a new belt every time, virtually every belt weighs differently.

The BMF (Baddest Motherf***er) Belt

The BMF Belt, which stands for “Baddest Motherf***er,” is a unique and unconventional title within the UFC. Unlike traditional championship belts that represent supremacy within a specific weight class, the BMF Belt was created as a one-off prize for a special bout between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz at UFC 244 in November 2019.

It is a symbolic belt and not a real UFC championship belt. Masvidal won the fight and the belt, and it was never introduced again. The belt is black with dark silver plates, featuring Dana White’s signature and a 500 on one of the side plates, representing the 500th live UFC event.

UFC President Dana White conceived the idea, emphasizing that this belt was purely for entertainment and wouldn’t be defended like regular titles. Crafted with a distinct design, the BMF Belt symbolizes the gritty, no-nonsense attitude of the fighters contending for it. While it was initially intended for a single event, the massive attention and fan intrigue it garnered has left many speculating about its potential future appearances.

Regardless of its official status, the BMF Belt has etched its place in MMA folklore as a testament to the sport’s ability to innovate and entertain.

How Much is the BMF Belt Worth?

Although the BMF belt is unique and one-of-a-kind, it still doesn’t come close to the price of a single UFC Legacy belt. According to Dana White, the BMF belt is priced at $50,000. However, if it were ever to become available for sale, it could fetch a much higher price at an auction due to its uniqueness. A die-hard fan might pay upward of $500,000 for it, but it has never been sold, so the actual price is unknown.

In comparison, new Legacy belts can cost upwards of $300,000, making them significantly more expensive than the BMF belt. While the BMF belt is not as valuable as the Legacy championship belt, it still holds sentimental value for fans of the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Material is the UFC Belt Made of?

The UFC belt is made of leather and gold. The leather is used to make the belt while the gold is used to make the plates that hold the gems. The gems are used to represent the number of title defenses the champion has won.

How Much Does the UFC Belt Weigh?

The UFC belt weighs approximately 10 pounds. The weight of the belt varies depending on the number of gems and the type of metal used to make the plates.

Is the UFC Belt Made of Real Gold?

Yes, the UFC belt is made of real gold. The gold is used to make the plates that hold the gems. The gems are used to represent the number of title defenses the champion has won.

What is the Value of an Official UFC Belt?

The value of an official UFC belt can vary depending on the champion and the number of title defenses they have won. A real UFC championship belt is worth approximately $330,000. Its value rises depending on the number of title defenses the champion has (precious stones are added for each defense) and who the champion is. The fighter’s name could also increase the belt’s worth.

Do Former UFC Champions Keep Their Belt?

No, former UFC champions do not keep their belt. The UFC retains ownership of the belt and it is passed on to the next champion.

How Many Gems are in a UFC Belt?

The number of gems in a UFC belt varies depending on the number of title defenses the champion has won. Each time a champion defends their title, a new gem is added to the belt. The gems are used to represent the number of title defenses the champion has won.

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