Learn not to be surprised!

There have been enough episodes of Ultimate Fighter that surprises are no longer a possibility. Every season is packed full of mishaps, injuries, violations of rules, etc.  This season will be no different as the nature of the fights are intense and injuries will occur.  Packing that much testosterone into one house, there will surely be people kicked off the show no matter how large the opportunity in front of them.

Episode two of this season already has its first “surprise” of the season.  With a questionable decision of one of the fights deciding who gets into the house, one fighter was on his way off the show in disappointing, undeserving fashion when an injury to another fighter gave him a second chance.

Due to a hand injury to a winner fighter, an injury that will take 6-8 weeks to heal, it made room for one fighter to come back which was the perfect opportunity for Dana White to make good on what was a very disappointing judging.

So already we have a show that is dynamic as fighting within the octagon itself.  The fighters are seeming to be higher in caliber each season, so it is the perfect equation for another successfully entertaining and exciting Ultimate Fighter season.

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