The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Recap: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck

Brief Synopsis:

The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck is the twelfth installment of the Ultimate Fighting Championship produced reality television series The Ultimate Fighter. The UFC and Spike TV held open tryouts on April 1, 2010, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The casting call went out for Lightweight and Light Heavyweight fighters. All fighters applying and trying out for the show needed to have at least three professional fights and be at least 21 years of age. Some of the fighters that showed up included Jason Guida, Charles Bennett and Mike Budnik.

It was confirmed at the UFC 113 Q&A that the winner of the Josh Koscheck and Paul Daley bout at UFC 113 would coach against Georges St-Pierre and also fight for the Welterweight Championship that St-Pierre currently holds. Koscheck eventually won the fight to coach opposite St-Pierre. Originally this season was to have lightweights and light heavyweights, but it was confirmed that it will only have Lightweights. Production began on June 7, 2010 and the season once again features 28 competitors, with the wildcard slot available, which debuted in the eleventh season.

Coaches and Trainers:

-> Team GSP
Georges St-Pierre
Greg Jackson
Phil Nurse
Firas Zahabi
John Danaher
Shawn Williams
Jean-Charles Skarbowsky
Kristof Midoux

-> Team Koscheck
Josh Koscheck
Jon Fitch
Javier Mendez
Bob Cook
Dave Camarillo
Teddy Lucio
Daniel Cormier

Fighters: (in the order they were picked)

-> Team GSP
Michael Johnson, Jonathan Brookins, Spencer Paige, Alex Caceres, Kyle Watson, Cody McKenzie, Dane Sayers

-> Team Koscheck
Marc Stevens, Sevak Magakian, Sako Chivitchian, Andy Main, Nam Phan, Aaron Wilkinson, Jeff Lentz

-> Fighters eliminated before entry round
JJ Ambrose, Paul Barrow, Jason Brenton, Mike Budnik, Joseph Duffy, Pablo Garza, Toby Grear, Daniel Head, Amir Khillah, Steve Magdaleno, T.J. O’Brien, Michael Richman, Ariel Sexton, Ran Weathers


Dana White (Host)
Mike Rowe (Narrator)


Episode 1: Go For It

  • Dana White welcomed 28 fighters to the UFC training facility and announced that like the eleventh season, only 14 would get to go to The Ultimate Fighter house. He also announced the return of the wildcard format.
  • The 28 fighters then fought to determine who would go to The Ultimate Fighter house. Elimination round matches were for two rounds. If there was a draw after two rounds, a third round would be fought.
  • Marc Stevens defeated T.J. O’Brien via TKO (punches) at 0:13 of round 1.
  • Spencer Paige defeated Steve Magdaleno via unanimous decision (20–18, 20–18, 20–18).
  • Nam Phan defeated Mike Budnik via TKO (liver strike and punches) in round 1.
  • Andy Main defeated Jason Brenton via submission (triangle choke/armbar) at 3:33 of round 1.
  • Jonathan Brookins defeated Ran Weathers via unanimous decision (20–18, 20–18, 20–18).
  • Sako Chivitchian defeated Toby Grear via unanimous decision (20–18, 20–18, 20–18).
  • Jeff Lentz defeated Daniel Head via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:45 of round 2.
  • Alex Caceres defeated Paul Barrow via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:55 of round 1.
  • Michael Johnson defeated Pablo Garza via unanimous decision (20–18, 20–18, 20–18).
  • Aaron Wilkinson defeated Mike Richman via unanimous decision (20–18, 20–18, 20–18).
  • Kyle Watson defeated Joseph Duffy via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:33 of round 1.
  • Sevak Magakian defeated JJ Ambrose via unanimous decision (20–18, 20–18, 20–18).
  • Cody McKenzie defeated Amir Khillah via technical submission (guillotine choke) at 2:15 of round 1.
  • Dane Sayers defeated Ariel Sexton via submission (standing rear naked choke) in round 2.

Episode 2: Well Played

  • The fighters moved into the new house and immediately, Jeff Lentz’ smoking and drinking came into focus, with some fighters questioning his cardio as a result.
  • The coin toss was won by Josh Koscheck, who chose to pick the first fighter. Georges St-Pierre hatched a plan to manipulate Koscheck into picking Marc Stevens as the top overall pick, so that St-Pierre could make Michael Johnson his first pick. The plan seemingly worked as St-Pierre’s wish came to fruition.
  • St-Pierre picked Alex Caceres to face Jeff Lentz.
  • Alex Caceres defeated Jeff Lentz via submission (triangle choke) at 2:27 of round 2.

Episode 3: Unleash Hell

  • Alex Caceres celebrated his victory by getting drunk, but his attitude when drunk was mocked.
  • Olympic silver medalist wrestler Gia Sissaouri trained with Team GSP.
  • St-Pierre picked Michael Johnson to face Aaron Wilkinson
  • Mike Tyson visited The Ultimate Fighter gym, to see Team GSP.
  • Michael Johnson defeated Aaron Wilkinson via submission (rear naked choke) at 0:37 of round 3.
  • Tyson later claimed that Johnson’s speed won the fight, as Wilkinson was the better boxer. Coach Koscheck also claimed that the fight should not have gone to third round, as he believed that Wilkinson had done enough to win the first two.

Episode 4: Love to Hate

  • Mike Tyson talked with Team GSP about his attitude toward fighting and how to win.
  • Sevak Magakian and Alex Caceres got into a heated argument and nearly fought at the fighter house. However, they were separated by their fellow fighters before any punches were thrown.
  • St-Pierre announced the next fight: Kyle Watson vs. Andy Main
  • Kyle Watson defeated Andy Main in the second round by submission with a rear-naked choke.

Episode 5: Disrespectful

  • Jon Fitch arrived at the training center to train with Team Koscheck. Jean-Charles Skarbowsky also arrived, intoxicated and following a 14 hour flight from Paris, to train Muay Thai with Team GSP.
  • Chuck Liddell also arrived and shared some words of wisdom with team Koscheck
  • Alex Caceres annoyed teammate Michael Johnson by putting bleach into Nam Phan’s fabric conditioner – the very same used by Johnson.
  • St-Pierre announced the next fight: Spencer Paige vs. Nam Phan
  • Nam Phan defeated Spencer Paige via decision. Paige suffered a broken hand and foot in the fight.

Episode 6: Win or Die

  • Koscheck annoyed Michael Johnson by calling him out-of-shape and interrupting him during stretches. Team Koscheck further compounded frustration after celebrating loudly.
  • Cody McKenzie continued to joke around with Koscheck, which annoyed him.
  • Koscheck announced the next fight: Marc Stevens vs. Cody McKenzie
  • Cody McKenzie defeated Marc Stevens via technical submission (guillotine choke) at 0:17 of round 1.
  • St-Pierre announced the next fight: Jonathan Brookins vs. Sevak Magakian
  • Jonathan Brookins defeated Sevak Magakian via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:04 of round 1.


  • The finale will be held…

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