The Ultimate Fighter 11 Week 7: Seth Baczynski def Joe Henle

Another week of The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 means another week of fights accompanied with more drama. Packed full of injuries, this season of TUF has been full of second chances. On top of everything known, the episode starts with Nick Ring, last week’s winner, also complaining of a possible injury. Let’s see was tonight’s fight brings us.

The matchup will be Joe Henle of Team Liddell and Seth Baczynski of Team Punishment. Joe Henle is a very inexperienced fighter in comparison to some of the other guys on the show, but has been managing to win fights. Turning pro in July doesn’t allow for him to anticipate everything that might come at him from a more experienced Seth Baczynski. However, if Henle can keep focused and pull off another win like he did to get into the house in the first place, he can move one step closer. He managed to pull off an armbar after being overmatched in his first fight and will be keeping his eyes open for a similar chance to put another win in the books.

This week’s episode has definitely been focused on the fight and less sidebars of drama and it is time for the fight at hand. The tough as nails Seth Baczynski will take on the strong hearted Joe Henle.

As round one kicks off the fighters reach the center of the octagon and start to feel each other out. Quickly Seth is on his back but seems to be controlling Henle from the bottom and nearly submitting him twice and Henle barely escapes. Henle has a wrestling background and he is attempting to use that as his inexperience is being displayed with his lack of ground game. Even when he has Seth’s back he doesn’t attempt anything and quickly finds things reversed and Seth in top position. Seth manages to land a few elbows to the face of the defending Henle as the round closes.

Round two begins and the fighters exchange blows and kicks. As the fighters find themselves on the ground, Henle seems to be in control this time and ultimately has Seth’s back. Seth gets loose, but quickly finds himself on his back again and taking some punches to his ribcage. Not much damage being exchange though as the fighters are merely fighting for control and not throwing many punches. When Seth finds himself loose he lands a flying knee to the turnbuckle. Henle, exhausting, almost gets caught in a rear naked choke but gets saved by the round’s end.

After the first two rounds are declared a draw, we get ready for the third and final round. Seth seems eager to turn things up and immediately takes Henle to the ground and begins to work. Why the referee has not stood them up as they just lie hugging in the corner is troubling, but Seth takes advantage of the time and then moves into a dominant position and lands a few punches. If he can finish in this position with two minutes remaining he will win the fight. Seth continues to work on Henle grazing Henle’s body and head with weak punches.

Henle really doesn’t know what to do and Seth is scoring just enough to take the fight, but certainly not in an impressive fashion. The fight comes to an end and the judges will provide their scores momentarily. The simple fact that with six months experience Joe Henle held his own probably says less for Seth than anything. Seth does manage to win the fight by unanimous decision, but Joe Henle just needs to keep doing what he is doing and increasing his skill.

Before the end of this week’s episode, Dana White announces the wildcard fight for next week and mentions Kyacey Uscola and Kris McCray get a second chance. Again, with injuries plaguing this year’s fighters, Court McGee will take the open spot redeeming what we thought and obviously, Dana thought should have been a third-round opportunity last week against Nick Ring. Here’s to second chances!

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