Max Holloway’s Latest Response to Conor McGregor Taunts is Genius

UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway may not be known for his trash talk or bravado. The Hawaiian much prefers to let his fighting do the talking, and is among the premier mixed martial artists operating in the world today. The former king of the 145-pound division, Conor McGregor, recently threw another gentle dig his way and Holloway’s response was gold

In a post uploaded to Instagram recently by the UFC’s absent lightweight champion, McGregor addressed a fight he had all the way back in 2013 with a fresh-faced Holloway. “The Notorious” had just one fight and win in the promotion, against Marcus Brimage, before heading into the clash with the 21-year-old Holloway at Boston’s TD Garden. McGregor won the bout by way of a convincing unanimous decision, yet the victory did come with a price – the Irishman tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and was ruled out of action for almost a year.

Both men went on to enjoy considerable success following their fight in 2013. McGregor won the featherweight & lightweight titles and became the face of the UFC and one of the most recognizable sports stars in the world, while Holloway would not lose since then and take the 145-pound strap from Jose Aldo. Both men are not regularly talked about when it comes to the possibility of a rematch, but with Holloway recently discussing that a move up to lightweight may be a possibility in the future, it is hardly something which would be completely off the table.

McGregor and Holloway have both fired shots at each other in recent times and this would indicate that there is some kind of interest behind the scenes for a bout between the two.

The SBG Ireland stand out recently reflected on his bout with Holloway back in 2013, and was slightly patronizing in terms of the language he used to address the featherweight champion:

“This was just moments after I tore my ACL in a fight in Boston Massachusetts,” McGregor wrote to Instagram. “It was when I faced off against the current featherweight champion Max Holloway, who I dismantled before and after this ligament tear, to win a lopsided victory.
It was father against son in there that night in just my second UFC bout.
Young Max is a hell of a fighter, I wonder what the future holds for my young Uce.
Ligaments are needed in a fight definitely.
Some can fight on however, where as some can not.
I always think there are moments in your career that can make you or break you. I have had many in my storied career and this was most certainly one of them.
God bless.
Boston Strong.”

Holloway hit back with a classy but very subtle dig at McGregor’s failure to defend a title since being first made champion back in December 2015:

“This was just moments after I dabbed in the octagon with my son after a fight in Detroit Michigan,” wrote Holloway. “It was when I faced off against the former featherweight champ and legend Jose Aldo who I stopped for the second time. It was a great legend against me in there that night in just my first title defense. Aldo is a hell of a fighter, I wonder what the future holds for my Brazilian brother. Getting paid is needed in a fight definitely. Some can find the motivation to defend no matter what however where as some can not. I always think there is a moment in your career that make you a true champion. It’s when you find the motivation to keep earning what you already have, to defend. I have had one in my blessed career and this was most certainly the first of many #blessedera

Comparing both posts shows Holloway has some snap in his social media punches…

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