The Ultimate Fighter 11 Week 4: Two Fights in One Episode

This week on The Ultimate Fighter there are two fights which will surely add to the excitement. With the obvious dedication shown by this year’s group of MMA fighters the caliber of the matchups should continue.

The fourth episode of season 11 starts off where last week left off in the drama being created by Jamie Yager. Showing loyalty to his friends over his teammates is rubbing many fighters on his team the wrong way and building a good bit of animosity amongst them.

Coining “Team Minority Report”, Yager creates a pact of loyalty with last week’s winner Tavares as well as the first Team Liddell winner Kyle Noke. Rounding out the four horsemen is fighter Kris McCray.

The first fight announcement for this week is a matchup between Team Liddell’s Rich Attonito and Team Ortiz’s Kyacey Uscola. Keep in mind Team Liddell has maintained control after winning the first two fights after taking serious ridicule from both Tito and Dana after initial fighter picks.

I’m not really into the drama this season, but Jamie Yager is in the midst of it once again. After being accused on stealing a sweater from Kyacey Uscola, it is reveled that he had nothing to do with it. Leaving the drama, it is time to fight!

As the fight begins, Rich and Kyacey size each other up with mutual jabs during the first minute of round one. At the minute mark Rich connects and drops Kyacey and continues the onslaught on the ground until Kyacey manages to stand back up. Rich settles for just a few seconds and then picks the wrestler up and slams him down on his head. On the ground Rich Attonito continues to punish the rib cage of Uscola.

Kyacey Uscola does manage to switch control and takes top position. He lands a few grazing elbows and as Attonito attempts to stand, Uscola lands a wicked knee to Rich’s head, but apparently as Attonito still had a knee down which is an illegal move. That is how the fight ends – Rich Attonito wins by DQ over Kyacey Uscola for illegal knees to the head.

It is reported afterward that Rich also broke his hand during the fight so his future is undetermined at this point as it is unusual for a fighter to be allowed to continue with an injury. Saving that outcome for a later recap, it is time to choose fight two for this week’s episode. Still maintaining control, Chuck Liddell chooses his fighter Charlie Blanchard to fight drama king Jamie Yager. Jamie has a significant height advantage, and presumably a reach would accompany that, so, an interesting matchup.

Forty seconds in, Yager defends a takedown and another and then connects with a straight shot that drops his opponent. In the fetal position, he takes a few more shots and the referee comes in to stop the fight.

Team Ortiz now will have control and we’ll see how winning changes the attitudes. Check back with us next week for some more of The Ultimate Fighter Season 11.

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