The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights Week 3

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The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights Week 3 Fight fans, MMA Full Contact back again with a recap of The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights Week 3. After a week of great anticipation and endless speculation, Kimbo Slice finally got it on with Roy Nelson on the Spike TV celeb-reality show. For some, it was validation of their predictions. For others, it was a letdown. But, for most, it was another fairly entertaining fight on the trek to crowning this season’s Ultimate Fighter. The show opened with a softer, gentler side of the Miami brawler being painted in discussions with Abe Wagner. Slice relayed that he’s realized that the enemy is the “inner me” and seemed at peace, while offering insight about his place in the sport and life. He would go on to say that he’s basically a “family man who likes to fight” – indeed, a real Ward Cleaver. At the house, a few fighters offered their take on potential paydays for the week’s fight should it have taken place outside of the reality show. At the UFC training facility, Team Rampage coaches were confident in that they finally gained Roy Nelson’s trust, in spite of him historically doing it all by himself – training, booking his fights, etc. Keith Jardine stopped by to wish real world teammate Rashad Evans well, and, was around long enough to see Evans and protégé James McSweeney trade tough talk with Rampage. Not to be outdone, Rampage dropped a few zingers including that Rashad’s breath was ultimately responsible for knocking out Chuck Liddell in their previous fight. Ah yes, he brings the funny! At the training facility, we saw a Team Rampage training session with Kimbo working bottom escapes. Rampage was intent on providing a realistic training partner mirroring Nelson’s girth for Kimbo, and quipped that pushing off Roy Nelson might be like fighting “The Blob”. Later that evening at the house, a chat-n-dip session saw Nelson mention a goal of his for the fight – getting Slice in a crucifix. For those that don’t know what the crucifix position is, well, then, perhaps you should hightail it over to an ice dancing site instead of hanging with a badass like me. No explanation will be given. The following day would see Marcus Jones sustain a bum knee in training, have a semi-meltdown with Rampage about his availability for a fight, then later connect with Slice about the hard knocks of coming up in the ‘hood. What, you weren’t dealing with gun play in your ‘hood coming up? Sissy. Next up were weigh-ins hosted by all-around shady character, Keith Kizer of the NSAC. Kimbo was his usual jacked self at 230, Nelson weighed in at a gooey 264. As the fight was getting close, viewers were treated to the final training montages for Slice and Nelson with their teammates and coaches offering their usual biased predictions. After that, we saw the requisite pre-fight pad work in the spartan UFC facility offices, and finally the fight. Could Kimbo do it? Round 1 started off with both fighters tentatively throwing jabs, with Slice landing a surprise leg kick. Apparently, that training with Bas Rutten did pay off! Eh, not so fast. After landing a few shots that seemed to temporarily daze his rotund opponent, Slice would succumb to a slick leg sweep and was immediately mounted by Nelson. Not getting much of a fight on the ground, after some lay and rest Big Country would eventually secure the foreshadowed crucifix and land a good number of unanswered short lefts to Slice’s face as the round ended. With Herb Dean imploring Slice to do something, the round ended. Round 2 saw more of the same, including Slice landing the fight’s best strikes, certainly gaining Nelson’s attention. However, like the 1st round, a scrum would eventually go down resulting in Nelson securing a takedown, gaining ground control, and eventually having Slice in a crucifix. Again, Nelson would pepper Slice with short lefts from the position with Herb Dean ending the fight at 2:59 of the 2nd round. No upset tonight, folks. Post-fight Nelson dropped some silly comments to UFC brass about wanting burgers and the like – playing up his average Joe physique – but Dana wasn’t digging it. White was less than impressed by Nelson’s performance and lamented the lack of power behind his fight-winning blows. Granted, Brock Lesnar he wasn’t. As the show wrapped up, Kimbo relayed his disappointment, but may be getting a reprieve already (surprise!). As Dana pointed out, Kimbo could easily be back in the competition should any fighter incur injury or need to bolt the show and, lo and behold, a preview of next week’s show teases Marcus Jones collapsing. Is Kimbo coming back as soon as next week? Could be. Back at you in a week!

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