The Ultimate Fighter 10: Justin Wren def. Wes Sims

Justin Wren def. Wes Sims via submission (arm-triangle) at 1:34 of the 1st round on this evening’s The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights broadcast on Spike TV.

Wren started off on the offensive and was able to push Sims against the cage. They traded a few foot stomps and broke back out into the center of the octagon. It doesn’t take long before Justin Wren is able to secure a takedown of Sims and quickly obtain side control and eventually mount him.

Just moments later Justin Wren locks in an arm triangle. Herb Dean then hovers over Sims and lights out, he passes out. All in a day’s work for Justin Wren who surprised Dana by taking out Wes Sims quickly.

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