TUF10: Brendan Schaub def. Jon Madsen

Finalizing the most watched season of The Ultimate Fighter reality series, the Quarter Finals continue and we all await to see if the “YouTube fighter”, Kimbo Slice is given a lifeline to fight again. When most other reality shows are being replayed on TBS, The Ultimate Fighter is getting stronger with its tenth successful season. Initially the talk was surrounding Kimbo, but I think we all know the real attribution has to given to dedicated fans and aspiring fighters growing a sport that will far surpass the modern day boxing and cover the globe with entertaining events.

After recapping the back and forth Mitrione as to whether he will take advantage of opportunity before him or hand off the possibilities to an awaiting Kimbo, the episode will include a much anticipated matchup of Brendan Schaub and Jon Madsen. Madsen fought early as did Schaub so they are both hungry to get back into the Octagon to showcase their desire to be The Ultimate Fighter.

Aside from the upcoming fight, now even Kimbo is on the fence whether or not he could fight the often kicking James McSweeney. Kimbo is being teased with a possible knee injury, and the doctor confirms it is something that could bother him. Having some temporary fluid buildup, the doctor continues to explain to Kimbo that the cartilage surrounding the area of the knee has deteriorated and will continue to do so. This could cause discomfort walking much less fighting. Kimbo will have to determine what is best, but he assures everyone, the needle from a possible Cortisone shot scares him more than fighting injured.

The entertainment escalates as the coaches challenge gets underway. This year’s challenge is beach volleyball. Hosted at the Palms resort, the stand-up fighters put their talents on the sand and quickly it is all tied up 1 to 1. They take it to the wire, but Rashad continues to put it to Rampage. Oh well, at least Rampage has his acting career – just jokes Quinton!

Rashad makes an executive decision and calls in The Dana to give the “know if you are a fighter” speech. Just one more thing to hang on Mitrione’s mind as to whether or not he wants to step up or nobly give the spot to someone that desires it a bit more. I will take the odds on him not fighting or at this point I just hope he doesn’t. Enough of the what could be, and back to what is about to be – it’s fight time!

After feeling each other out around the octagon, Madsen takes Schaub for a nice ride as he picks him up high ultimately to slam him back down to the ground. Schaub on his back the inch around the floor until the ref stands them back up. Having a strong wrestling background, Madsen seems to be controlling Brendan a bit easier, however the long arms of Schaub are able to connect with some nice body shots as they switch position around the fence. Brendan Schaub connects with a nice straight as Jon Madsen comes in for a takedown, but before long, Schaub is once again in the air and slammed onto his back.

Round 2 starts as I notice the show ends in 5 minutes, so my eyes are peeled. Schaub seems very determined sending some solid knees Madsen’s way and is able to shake him off soon after when he attempts a takedown. Brendan finds his distance with a few air jabs and then launches a right hand and connects. Throwing an additional flying right as Madsen lays motionless on the Octagon floor seals the deal and the ref runs in to stop it. At 3:20 remaining in the second round, Brendan Schaub advances.

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