TUF10: Roy Nelson def. Justin Wren

Well the Quarter Finals are finally here and this season’s drama continues. This week’s fight is between Roy Nelson and the impressive Justin Wren. Team Rashad actually has seven fighters of the eight fighting in the TUF 10 Quarter Finals. Rashad expresses his concern in showing any unfair advantage in having to train fighters to fight each other. So the solution Evans comes up with is train hard, but not heavily coach anyone. I guess he is trying to show some empathy to Rampage’s not-so-expert coaching of his team to even up his lone chance for victory.

Matt Mitrione wonders around the gym and the house complaining of a “hurt brain” so the intrigue continues into whether or not Kimbo will get his second shot. So Kimbo kicks it up a notch in training as Rampage and the rest of the Team Rampage coaches say their vote would be for Kimbo Slice if asked.

Enough of the fighting I guess, because Rampage is all jokes. His second attempt to upset the Team Rashad coaches, he places live chickens in their vehicles. Coming out to a smelly car full of chicken shit, Rashad laughs and the coaching staff begins to chase after the chickens. Rampage expresses his disappointment that he can;t seem to win on any front.

As Roy and Justin goto the weigh in, you can tell these guys are looking at getting this fight over with as much as they are gearing up for the fight itself. They continue to express their freidnship that has grown since living together over the past couple of months. Being evenly skilled on the ground, well on paper maybe as Nelson has obvious experience over Wren, this may very well be a standup bout that could prove to be exciting – and it’s fight time!

[was that Chuck Liddell appearing on Entourage in the commercial break – cool]

The energy levels are high as they start throwing blows, Wren dishing out more than he has to take. Roy pushes his up against the fence to slow the pace until they get brought back out into the center of the octagon. Both fighters slow down in comparison to the opening half of the round and throw wild punches trying to connect. Becoming a bit more settled, Roy works the jab. As the round closes both fighters graze each other as punches become wide and reaching.

The second round is much of the same during the three minutes, apparently no one looking for a takedown as expected. Eventually kicks start coming as do some decent straight hands. Justin Wren is running out of steam it appears as the belly on Nelson seems to be bouncing to a steady rhythym as he remains on his toes a bit.

To everyone’s surprise at the close of the second round they have a decision. It certainly seemed to be Wren the first round and Nelson the second. Oh well, Roy Nelson, with two not-so-impressive fights will be going to the next stage with a Majority Decision (20-18, 19-19, 20-18) victory. Now I am sure we will get to hear him talk about how great he is some more. Yeah…

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