Two Things – Apology and Then Props

First and foremost,  my apologies for slacking for the second half of the Ultimate Fighter Series.  It was difficult to fully enjoy the show and type a blow by blow so I chose to enjoy it, sorry about that.

It was a great season, despite some of the unnecessary drama.  Junie actually put on a hell of a fight in the finale and I was glad to see this renegade a bit more polished.  He really was impressive.

Beyond that I have to also give props to the winners of that night.  There was plenty of shocking moments and it was a relief that I wasn’t betting on anyone that night – i would have lost a bundle!

Bader pulled out an impressive victory even though being overmatched with the Brazilian JJ pro in Vinicius Magalhaes.  And I can’t give enough credit to Escudero who proved he has what it takes time and time again.  I thought both Escudero and Bader didn’t hold a chance against their opponents which only elevates the amount of respect I hold for their strides toward UFC greatness.

Thanks again to the visitors and let’s all look forward to some great fights in 2009!

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