UFC 103 Weigh-in Results, Salaries, Bonuses, and Medical Suspensions

UFC 103 Weigh-in Results

Vitor Belfort (196)* vs. Rich Franklin (195)
Junior Dos Santos (236) vs. Mirko Filipovic (226)
Paul Daley (170) vs. Martin Kampmann (169.5)
Frank Trigg (170.25) vs. Josh Koscheck (170)
Hermes Franca (159)+ vs. Tyson Griffin (155.5)
Cole Miller (155) vs. Efrain Escudero (156)@
Tomasz Drwal (185) vs. Drew McFedries (185.25)
Steve Lopez (154.5) vs. Jim Miller (154.5)
Rafaello Oliveira (155.25) vs. Nick Lentz (155)
Brian Foster (170.75) vs. Rick Story (170)
Jason Brilz (205.25) vs. Eliot Marshall (204.75)
Igor Pokrajac (203) vs. Vladimir Matyushenko (205)
Rob Emerson (155.5) vs. Rafael dos Anjos (155.5)

* Weighed 197.5 on first attempt, shed some clothes and weighed 196.5 on second attempt, further disrobed and weighed 196.25 on third attempt. Made 196 pound limit within the allotted extra hour.
+ Fighters agreed to 159 pound catchweight fight
@ Missed weight on first attempt, made 156 pound limit within the allotted extra hour

UFC 103 Salaries

Not Released

Note: The salaries reflect the gross amount paid to fighters before taxes, insurance, and licenses, and do not reflect potential additional income that fighters commonly derive through sponsorships or unreported “locker room” bonuses.

UFC 103 Bonuses

• Fight of the Night: Rick Story $65,000, Brian Foster $65,000
• Knockout of the Night: Vitor Belfort $65,000
• Submission of the Night: Rick Story $65,000

UFC 103 Medical Suspensions

Vitor Belfort (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Rich Franklin (suspended until Oct. 20 due to KO or TKO loss)

Junior Dos Santos (suspended until Sept. 29)
def. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic (suspended indefinitely due to eye injury)

Paul Daley (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Martin Kampmann (suspended until Oct. 20 due to KO or TKO loss)

Josh Koscheck (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Frank Trigg (suspended until Oct. 20 due to KO or TKO loss)

Tyson Griffin (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Hermes Franca (suspended until Oct. 20 due to KO or TKO loss)

Efrain Escudero (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Cole Miller (suspended until Oct. 20 due to KO or TKO loss)

Tomasz Drwal (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Drew McFedries (suspended until Sept. 27)

Jim Miller (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Steve Lopez (suspended until Oct. 20 due to KO or TKO loss)

Nick Lentz (suspended until Sept. 29)
def. Rafaello Oliveira (suspended until Sept. 29)

Rick Story (suspended until Sept. 27)
def. Brian Foster (suspended until Sept. 27)

Eliot Marshall (suspended until Sept. 29)
def. Jason Brilz (suspended until Sept. 29)

Vladimir Matyushenko (suspended until Sept. 29)
def. Igor Pokrajac (suspended until Sept. 29)

Rafael Dos Anjos (suspended until Sept. 29)
def. Rob Emerson (suspended until Sept. 29)

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