UFC 87 Weigh-in Results, Salaries, Bonuses, and Medical Suspensions

UFC 87 Weigh-in Results

Georges St-Pierre (170) vs. Jon Fitch (170)
Heath Herring (250) vs. Brock Lesnar (265)
Kenny Florian (155) vs. Roger Huerta (155)
Jason MacDonald (185) vs. Demian Maia (185)
Rob Emerson (155) vs. Manny Gamburyan (155)
Luke Cummo (167) vs. Tamdan McCrory (170)
Dan Evensen (244) vs. Cheick Kongo (235)
Andre Gusmao (205) vs. Jon Jones (205)
Steve Bruno (170) vs. Chris Wilson (170)
Ben Saunders (170) vs. Ryan Thomas (170)

UFC 87 Salaries

Not Available

Note: The salaries reflect the gross amount paid to fighters before taxes, insurance, and licenses, and do not reflect potential additional income that fighters commonly derive through sponsorships or unreported “locker room” bonuses.

UFC 87 Bonuses

• Fight of the Night: Georges St-Pierre $60,000, Jon Fitch $60,000
• Knockout of the Night: Rob Emerson $60,000
• Submission of the Night: Demian Maia $60,000

UFC 87 Medical Suspensions

• Georges St-Pierre suspended 30 days due to cuts
• Jon Fitch suspended 30 days due to cuts
• Dan Evensen suspended 30 days due to KO loss and must have a CT scan to rule out any serious injuries
• Ryan Thomas suspended 30 days due to cuts

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