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Location: Antigua makes the list for a variety of reasons besides the easiest to remember URL. According to, Sportsbook takes in 15 bets per second and probably because of its low minimums and all around easy to navigate website.

Based out of Antigua, Sportsbook is well known for its high regard for providing a safe place to place your wagers of any size.

Short History was founded in 1996 and quickly rose to the top of the industry. Sportsbook was previously owned by the UK Sportingbet Group and publicly traded prior to it current ownership by Jassy Sports Events Limited.

Betting on MMA covers all of the major lines for MMA events as well as all of the other sports you would expect from a major book. However, due to its dedication to the average Joe and catering more to the sports for the masses, they are sometimes releasing lines 48-72 hours prior to an event.

With the ability to place a wager as low as $5 and the occasional free bet offering, Sportsbook offers a great atmosphere for the newbie bettor as well as the experienced bettor looking for an additional book.

Bonuses and Payments offers industry standard bonuses and has a high percentage of credit card acceptances for very convenient deposits to your account.

They offer quite a few payout options with clearly defined timeframes so you are not wondering when and if payment will be made. They are dependable and payout as expected.

Overall Reputation

When it comes to reputation, is a great choice., the leading sports analysis organization, has this to say about our friends at

“Sportsbook has an excellent customer service team that you can count on to answer your questions whenever you need answers. It also features a number of help options on the site like a sports betting glossary and clear explanations of their rules with a section that even includes sports betting basics.

These guys have been around since 1996 so they know the importance of
speedy payouts and keeping your money safe. Sportsbook is a perfect option for the everyday sports bettor. It’s easy to navigate and you’ll find all the lines you need. Your account will be easy to fund and the payouts are speedy, two things you don’t always get these days.”

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