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Welcome to the Wagering page. This page has it all for the casual or serious MMA bettor and is loaded with information to help you understand the various betting options when evaluating MMA fights.

We are no longer maintaining our wagering superboard comparing the latest lines, but will still be drafting gambling case studies providing quantitative analysis and trend identification within MMA results. Enjoy, and remember – the numbers never lie.

Strategy Spotlight

Spotlight on Strategy: Betting Against the Public
Should you bet against the flow of the money? I’ll never forget the first time that I went to Las Vegas. The year was 1985, I was with my father, it was early April, and the weather was just perfect. The town was rockin’ because there was a big fight that weekend. Women were everywhere. And to a country-boy like me, the casinos were a refreshing change… [Continue]

Spotlight on Strategy: Using Multiple Sportsbooks
Why is it important to have more than one sportsbook? There are attributes that go into making a smart decision of any kind, and, especially as it relates to betting on MMA, several things that increase the chances of winning big. Choosing which events to place bets on, which to stay away from, bankroll management, etc. all go into making the “safest”… [Continue]

Gambling Case Studies

Case Study: Betting Favorites in UFC Main Events
As of Oct 15, 2009, year-to-date, there have been 15 UFC events. The majority of the UFC events have been what I consider “real” UFC cards – those commonly shown on Pay-Per-View consisting of the most well-known names in the organization, however, there have been a smattering of UFC Fight Nights and The Ultimate Fighter events commonly… [Continue]

Case Study: Betting the Fight with Largest Line at each UFC
As of Oct 19, 2009, year-to-date, there have been 15 UFC events. Obviously, each of the events had a fight on it that had the largest lines associated with it or what you could consider to be the biggest “mismatch on paper”. Did you ever wonder how you would do if you blindly bet on the favorite giving huge odds, or bet on the underdog getting huge odds… [Continue]

Post-Event Analysis

    Moose’s Post-Event Analysis: UFC 107 – Penn vs. Sanchez Moose’s Post-Event Analysis: UFC 107 – Penn vs. Sanchez

    Analysis: UFC 107: Penn vs. Sanchez was held last Saturday in Memphis, TN and for those that plunked down the event ticket or PPV cost, they were treated to one of the best night of fights from the UFC in recent memory. Only four of the eleven fights went to decision, and of those fights, two of the decisions were nail biters. The rest of the fights featured… [Continue]

    Moose’s Post-Event Analysis: UFC 106 – Griffin vs. Ortiz 2 Moose’s Post-Event Analysis: UFC 106 – Griffin vs. Ortiz 2

    Analysis: UFC 106: Griffin vs. Ortiz 2 is in the books, and, in retrospect, it’s an event that I would just rather forget. Although I didn’t lose a dime to my online sportsbooks (my Internet connection was down Saturday afternoon), how else should I react to going 0-3-1 in my recommended plays? I put it on the line for anyone using my recommended plays,… [Continue]

    Moose’s Post-Event Analysis: WEC 44 – Brown vs. Aldo Moose’s Post-Event Analysis: WEC 44 – Brown vs. Aldo

    Analysis: The dogs were barking again at WEC 44: Brown vs. Aldo as five underdogs prevailed in the evening’s fights. The event ended in spectacular fashion last Saturday, and, in the process crowned a new featherweight champion and legitimate contender for best pound-for-pound fighter in MMA. After a back and forth first round, Jose Aldo (+100) used a string… [Continue]

Gamblers Challenge

Second Gambler’s Challenge: Moose vs. Mad Xyientist (Winner: MX)
Straight from a sensational comeback victory in the previous Gambler’s Challenge: Moose vs. blue63, I’m tanned, rested, and ready to outwit another hapless opponent who truly believes that he can pick ‘em better than me. Simple fact – I bring it, others don’t. Next up and stepping into the crosshairs from the Underground forum… [Continue]

First Gambler’s Challenge: Moose vs. blue63 (Winner: Moose) Underground message board crusader “blue63″ from Los Alamos, NM has stepped up to the daunting challenge of trying to provide more profitable picks to the readers of this site than yours truly spanning the next four UFC / Strikeforce events. Ha, good luck with that! I’ve asked him to provide some analysis with his picks for each … [Continue]

You Wanna Call out the Moose?
What started out as some meaningless banter on the world famous Underground between’s very own ARMYOFNONE and forum snark blue63 has strangely enough turned into a new segment on our site – “Gambler’s Challenge Callin’ out the Moose”. Let’s face it, the Internet is full of Monday Morning… [Continue]

How You Doin’ – Moose’s Running Total
Since my initial pick at WEC 43, the below represents an overall summary of my MMA event recommended plays, win / loss record, and tally of monetary gain (or loss). Have some fun – visit Bodog, open an account, take my advice, and win some money! The amounts referenced reflect my personal plays. Feel free to take only my advice and… [Continue]

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